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Presonus StudioLive Questions & Answers
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CCI Solutions Sound Revolution Free Digital Mixer Webinar

Presonus StudioLive Questions & Answers


The first Sound Revolution webinar streamed live from the CCI Solutions Tech Center on May 10, 2011. We recently streamed the second webinar on October 23rd 2012. During both events, we fielded many questions about the StudioLive mixers. Here's a list of the questions from both webinars with answers. For your convenience, we've added the questions from the recent webinar to the top of the page. Feel free to call or email us with more! Call 800-562-6006 or email us at:


Q Can I use the effects found in Studio One 2 software with the StudioLive in real-time?

A Yes! You can route the incoming signal from the channel of the StudioLive through FireWire to a track into Studio One (or any DAW), affect the signal and send it back to the same channel on the StudioLive by selecting the FireWire input button. Additionally, you can set up any of the StudioLive's Auxes as streams going to Studio One. From here, you can apply a plug-in and return that plug-in straight to the Tape/In via FireWire which would then go to the Master Output of the StudioLive. Here's a video that shows how to use plug-ins from Studio One using the mixer:

Q How do I send the effects from Studio One 2 software to the StudioLive?

A The StudioLive has FireWire returns for each channel plus a stereo FireWire return that is on the Tape In. That is a total of 26 FireWire streams that can be sent from Studio One back to the mixer. To send effects, all you have to do is make the output of the effects bus in Studio One a FireWire return channel (1-26) and then select the FireWire input on the mixer.

Q Can you return Studio One 2 software back through the StudioLive via FireWire? If so, how do I return Studio One 2 back to the StudioLive?

A Same as previous question.

Q Does Nimbit offer CD replication services?

A Yes! and much more. To learn more about Nimbit, here's helpful video!

Q What is the typical latency when using Studio One 2 software with the StudioLive in real-time?

A This is entirely dependent on the processing speed of your computer. Most of the time the roundtrip latency will be between 4-9 ms.

Q What affects latency? How do I get the lowest latency possible?

A RAM and processing power of a computer directly affect the speed of data transfer in a FireWire interface solution. Keep in mind, if you are concerned with latency with running effects from Studio One, you will not even notice the latency if you are using a delay or reverb. Any latency basically becomes 'predelay' for those types of effects.

Q Are all the plug-ins found in Studio One 2 host based (native)?

A Yes. The effects in Studio One 2 get their power from the computer. The speed and amount of RAM determine how many plugins you can run at one time.

Q What is the best product for wireless personal monitoring for the hearing impaired/stage monitoring?

A For a great hearing impaired listening system, try the Williams Sound PPA337 Personal PA System. If you're looking for wireless in-ear monitor we have a great selection. Looking for in-ear monitor mixing systems, we can help with that as well. Most of our systems are recommended by our sales-techs specifically for your application, we encourage you to call with any questions you might have including church discount pricing.

Q Can Studio One 2 and/or StudioLive support Native Instruments plug-ins?

A The Artist Version of Studio One ships with Native Instruments Complete Essentials, which is a collection of sounds. However, if you want to run other Native Instruments or 3rd party plug-ins, you will need to upgrade to either Studio One Producer or Professional.

Q Is PreSonus thinking of switching from FireWire to Thunderbolt?

A We are always looking at future transfer protocol technologies. However, we currently support Thunderbolt with any of our FireWire interfaces or mixers using this $29 adaptor: Thunderbolt Firewire Adaptor

Q How many aux sends are available on the StudioLive?

A The StudioLive 16.0.2 has four, the StudioLive 16.4.2 has six, and the StudioLive 24.4.2 has ten.

Q Is the SMAART spectrum available per channel?

A Currently it is only available on any of the buses you have a GEQ inserted on (Mains, Subgroups or Auxes).

Q In a live context, is there a way to use the spectra-graph (SMAART features) per instrument/channel?

A Sure. You can if you have a GEQ on your MAIN Fader and you solo it.

Q Will the StudioLive integrate with Adobe Audition?

A Yes. The StudioLive will work with any ASIO or Core Audio DAW application.

Q Are there any digital expansion options for the StudioLive (i.e. Dante

A There are not currently any digital expansion options, but PreSonus will have these on future versions of the board.

Q What is the oldest version of Mac iOS that it is compatible with?

A OS X 10.6.8.

Q How does the StudioLive connect to the computer? What FireWire version does the StudioLive use?

A StudioLive connects to a computer using a FireWire cable. The connector on the StudioLive is a FireWire 400. However, it is totally compatible with either FireWire 800 or Thunderbolt as well using an adaptor.

Q Can you use pink noise on SMAART RTA?

A Yes! In the upcoming version of Universal Control 1.7 you'll be able to hook up a measurement mic to the talkback input of the StudioLive and shoot the room and use SMAART to analyze the frequency response. It will be a free download for StudioLive customers in Mid-November.

Q Can you use an Aux as a separate mix?

A Yes, you can use an Aux as a separate mix. It is just like any other output bus on the StudioLive.

Q Is there a limit to the number of effects that can be used in Studio One?

A FX and the number used in a session are only bound by the processing of your computer..

Q Will this live stream webinar be available for review? I'd like to use it as a sort of "pitch" to convince some pastors it's worth the buy.

A The webinar recording is viewable online right now at PreSonus StudioLive Digital Mixer How to Webinar.

There are also lots of videos on these websites:

Q Thanks for the Studio Live Webinar. (We'd love a price quote on the Video Cameras you used today).We have 2-SL24's linked together. Is it true that Capture cannot be used in this configuration? If so, will it be an available feature in the future? :-) When? Also, does this mean that the iPad cannot be used either? :-( Is there a work around? Suggestions?

A Contact CCI Solutions for the quote on the Canon Hi Def cameras and the Roland VR-5 video mixer that were used for the webinar. When linked the 24 channel SLs cannot connect to a computer, because of the limitations of FireWire. This will be the indefinite function of these mixers. You can only record or control one mixer connected to the computer.

Q I noticed on some of the presets in the fat channel that the high pass may be set around 250 but the low eq still has a cut around 180 or in those areas. If the high pass cuts everything below the frequency why would there be a need for additional cut at a lower frequency than the high pass?

Most of these preset low EQs have both filters for subtle changes in the low frequencies. The high pass is much more severe used in conjunction with the low filter on the three band you can make finer adjustments.

Q Rick, you travel all over the place with these boards. Do you have a flight case that you can recommend? Can this board survive TSA and the baggage handlers if it is in a good flight case?

A I have a 16 and 24 in ATA flight cases on three different airlines for more than a year with no issues. Well, the cases are pretty busted, but the mixers are fine. Choose your case wisely. We are moving to SKB 3i series cases. Grundorf makes a Tour 8 series case for each PreSonus StudioLive. It is sturdy and presents a great value. Contact CCI Solutions for all of your case needs.

Q Thanks for the great webinar! I noticed that the new 16.0.2 has the ability to take MIDI input to, among other things, access presests. Is this functionality coming to the bigger boards through software or hardware upgrade?

A This capability will be available on future products, but obviously will never be an update/upgrade to existing units.

Q What can the mixer do for stage monitors? How many monitor mixes? Effects to those mixes? Thanks. Great webinar so far!

A On the 16.0.2 you have two stereo FX that can be assigned to all four auxes. That is a total of four independent mono sends to stage.

Q Good Day. Enjoying the webinar. My church uses the SL 24. How do I send effects to my monitor mix?

A On the 24 you have aux flip mode. You can hit your aux "mix" button until you get to flip mode and then mix your FX to monitors.

Q I use the StudioLIve 24.4.2 for musical Theatre...will the scene storage software be updated in the future to allow faster recall of scenes? For instance, clicking on the laptop control screen or spacebar for the next available scene. Also...inserting and saving a NEW scene between scenes would be great. I used the PreSonus 24.4.2 for a big production of Jekyll and Hyde. 20 RFs with orchestra submix from the PreSonus 16.4.2. Great products!!

A For now we will most likely stick to the drag and drop method of recalling scenes in the VSL. It may be faster for your specific needs to recall right on the board with the specific changes in order.

Q Can you patch your aux FX returns back into the fader channels for fader control?

A I won't say no, but I doubt this will be added cause we are very much a drag and drop operation.

Q Any chance this app will be out on Android Honeycomb? (remote app?)

A We are looking at the other mainstream operating systems for remote, but the release date is undetermined.

Q I'm using the PreSonus 16.0.2 in a recording studio environment. How can I apply reverb to the singal without it being recorded to my DAW? i.e. I want the performer to hear themselves with reverb on the voice as they sing, but the signal be recorded dry.

A You just add the reverb. It will not be recorded unless you route it manually. Out of the box it isn't routed, so you are good.

Q Thanks for doing the webinar today, this is helpful information. A few months ago we purchased two 16.4.2 boards to link together and mix/record our sound at church. I have had problems with the sound (all channels) dropping out during services and have worked with the PreSonus tech guys to determine the cause and fix the problem. After some troubleshooting, tech support requested the boards be sent to them so they could be thoroughly tested. When they were tested by tech. no significant problems were found. I got the mixers back and though it happens less frequently, we still have times when the slave board will drop all sound. The computer we are using to record is new and exceeds all spec requirements. I've read on blogs that the firewire cables are not the greatest quality and are known to fail. I've replaced the firewire cable between the computer and master mixer but not the master and slave mixers. When we are having this problem, the sound tech has to shut everything down (amps, computer, mixers, mics) and restart all and that usually takes care of it, but obviously we can't be doing this in services all the time. I'm constantly concerned that this is going to happen each week and need to eliminate this problem. I'm wondering if Rick has any thoughts on what may be causing these dropouts? Other than this problem we love the 16.4.2 mixers! Thank you.

A All firewire cables are culprits in this scenario. I would change them. I would be interested to know if this happens in stand alone, or only when connected to the computer. (Reply to or

Q When you use the iPad App to make an adjustment, let's say to the volume, how does that effect the sliders on the board since they are not motorized.

A The adjustment is made, but the sliders do not move. If you make an adjustment on the board it relinks to that adjustment everywhere (SL,VSL and remote). We suggest you lock the faders when using the iPad. When you return to the mixer locate your faders to the new position and then rock.

Q 1. What is the best way to import a previously recorded multitrack audio session from another source such as from an Alesis 24 into StudioLive to have it play back with individual tracks instead of 2 tracks?2. Can you use the persons StudioLive as a console to remix tracks by using the vsl aspect? If so how?
3. What is a really good road case for the 24.4.2 unit?
4. When will the black XXL PreSonus t-shirts be available online?
5. How do you setup capture to record all 24 tracks plus the subgroups and the master output, I guess that would be 29 tracks?
6. Will more effects etc. be coming soon as a future version upgrade?
7. Will future onsite hands-on training sessions be scheduled in the Dallas area?
8. If you plug an ipod into the 2 track-in, can it be eq'd?

A 1.)To transfer the tracks from the Alesis to your computer into Capture just connect, hit play on the Alesis and hit record in capture.
2.) Yes, the VSL controls the mixer just like your hands.
3.) SKB 3iseries.
4.) Not sure. Contact Sales.
5.) Capture can only record the 24 inputs plus a stereo, which can be the main, subs, auxes FX etc. If you want to record more simultaneously you will need to use Studio One.
6.) There will always only be two stereo 32bit FX processors in the SL. More Fat Channel presets will be available in the future.
7.) We frequent Dallas many times thru-out the year. If you need assistance with something please contact your local dealer or rep (Aldridge Marketing).
8.) There is no EQ available unless you route it through the auxes using a 24 channel SL.

Q Any chance PreSonus will be offering a personal monitoring solution that will connect with Studio Live? Say, via firewire - or something?

A PreSonus is always looking into more integrated solutions, but no word as of yet.

Q What about interfacing to MyMix with their new 16 channel input box? We have two SL 16/4/2 mixers.

A You can do that through your direct outs, or aux sends and subs provided it uses 1/4 inch I/O.

Q We are using a 24 channel board now - some Sunday's we are full What additions are there? (More channels.)

A You can daisy-chain a project for extra recording ins, but for front of house I would suggest another 24 (live only), or external mic preamps. These can be routed through the aux returns, broadcast and recorded.

Q How is personal stage monitoring handled thru or not thru the mixer?

A Through auxes, subs and direct out channels. It is dependent on the method of monitoring.

Q I'm tuned in to the digital mixer webinar and had a question. Can you preview the different effects before setting them to a certain channel? For example, how would I know what effects to add to my drum snare without hearing the difference between them?

A You actually route the channels to the FX, but you can route the FX to the auxes on each mixer and monitor them through the solo bus before you send them out front.

Q To replace our current equipment I need a minimum of 32 microphone channels. Is there a PreSonus equipment configuration that can meet this requirement.

A You can chain two SL 16's together for 32 channels of front of house and 32 tracks of recording.

Q We use the Aviom system at our church and I was wondering where do the direct outs come from in the signal chain? Just from the gain or do the direct outs also get the fat channel? Do the faders interfere with the direct outs? I want to be able to have the fat channel information also sent to the Aviom lines but without the fader interfering with the level going to the Avioms.

A The direct outs are gain staged line level right off the mic pre. So they are post mic pre and pre everything else (converter, insert, fat channel, etc.). To utilize the Fat Channel you must use the aux sends and the sub outs. On the 24, this gives you 14 independent mono sends to your Aviom system.

Q If the faders aren't motorized, what happens to them when a fader move is made on the iPad?

A The direct out are gain staged line level. They are post preamp and pre everything else, so if you want fat channel use your auxes and subs to feed the brain.

Q Does the PreSonus StudioLive mixer have recallable gains (mic pre's)? I've used other digital boards that recall other settings but don't have recallable mic pre's. Also, can the recording feature be integrated in any way with Pro Tools? Is there a shelving feature on the eq? How many presets for the fat channel can be saved?

A The StudioLive does not have recallable head amps. You can use the StudioLive with Pro Tools 9 no issues. The low band and high band on every StudioLive has a shelf, or peak EQ. you have 99 presets of Fat Channel.

Q With some of my preset scenes the talkback mike does NOT work through the auxes, just the mains, no matter if the 3 aux send buttons are lit or not. With other preset scenes it does. Where can I enable/disable talkback send through the auxes OTHER than the buttons on the board?

A This is dependent on which mixer you are using. (Reply to Justin Spence at or to

Q Will there be a VSL for Power PC?

A Apple's latest technology doesn't support Power PC, so we do not support Power PC.

Q Who uses FireWire anymore?

A Until faster network protocols are mainstream, we all do if we want to daisy-chain.

Q Is there a way to view an EQ graphically? Both with or without the computer software?

A You only get a graphic representation through VSL. So you have to have a computer connected for this.

Q Is there a limit to the length of preset names?

A 25 characters at max.

Q Is the computer software Windows-only or does it work on Macs as well?

A All of our software is either MAC or PC cool.

Q Thanks for the GREAT training Rick. Is there a trim recall feature similar to the fader recall?

A For now the head amps are not recallable.

Q Great webinar! To all those sound engineers who are considering switching to the StudioLive Mixers. DO IT! You will not regret. I believe it is the best digital solution on the market for any size church!

A Thanks for your support! Contact CCI Solutions for technical support or sales.

Q Are there any plans of making an app for the iPhone? If not, is there any way to remote connect the iPhone to the computer? If so what remote desktop apps are recommended?

A The iPhone app is in development. PreSonus is burning the midnight oil working on it.

Q Looking to replace an analog board in an L-C-R configuration, but the PreSonus boards only do L-R. What is the best way to adapt it to an L-C-R?

A To do LCR, or full 5.1 you have to use the subs, so LF and LR are run through the mains. CENTER sub1, LFE sub2, LS sub 3, RS sub4.

Q Knowing that two 16.4.2 can be chained together to make a 32 channel mixer, can this be done with the 24 channel model and either of the 16 channel models or do you need 2 x 24.4.2? Looking at a 24 and the new smaller 16.0.2 to achieve a 40 channel board.

A You can chain up to 4 StudioLive 16.4.2 mixers, 2 StudioLive 24.4.2 mixers. Currently the StudioLive 16.0.2 will not chain with another 16.0.2..

Q 1. When dealing with volunteers that have limited FOH experience, how easy it to teach a new person how to use the PreSonus mixer? 2. What is the durability of the PreSonus vs a standard analog mixer (Allen & Heath GL2400 for example)? 3. Can you link multiple PreSonus boards together as your needs grow? For example we start off with a 16 channel board and find that we need more channels later on, can we link 2 of them together?

A 1.) In 5 years of teaching large format console signal flow, I would have to say it may be the easiest digital mixer to learn. I am biased. (Justin Spence comment)
2.) The 24 has been on the road and holding strong for 2 years. We will keep you posted with its progress. It is still too young, but it is holding fast.
3.) You can link up to four 16 channel boards. two 24 channel boards for live only, so yes you can expand. The most you can record through firewire is 32 channels which means you can slave two 16.4.2's together and record 32 tracks from this configuration. When you slave two 24 channel boards together you lose computer control and therefore recording control of the 48 channels. You can certainly computer record all 24 channels from a single 24.4.2. You can always buy multiple multi-track recorders and use the direct outs from as many channels of your mixer as you wish to send and record. The JoeCo Black Box multi-track recorder can be used with the direct outs from the StudioLive. Ask your CCI Solutions representative about this recording option.

Q Are you going to support Android? I see you have the iPad app, what about a Xoom or Galaxy Tab app?

A PreSonus is looking at the other mainstream operating systems for remote, but the release date is undetermined.

Q Why does this board reset every single time I touch it after walking on carpet. If I discharge myself on a piece of metal before I touch the board it's fine, but if I touch the board, bam it shuts off.

A This is not normal. You should contact Technical Support for repair at 225.216.7887.

Q Does the board plug into an outboard computer, or just a monitor?

A The mixer must be connected to a laptop, or a computer then monitor.

Q Our PreSonus 16.4.2 has only center freq and level for the EQ channels. Is the bandwidth a 24 channel feature or a new thing? Can the width be adjusted by software on our machine?

A With the 16 you have wide or narrow adjustment. The 24 is fully parametric. These are the differences between the products.

Q How do we save the mix we have done into the StudioLive software? Thanks

A You can save your mix on the mixer and then transfer it to your computer using VSL .

Q Can a keyboard player use the iPad to operate a soft synth into the mix?

A Our iPad only controls the mixer, not StudioOne.

Q Using the iPad to adjust aux monitors how would that work with a pair of 16.4.2 linked?

A You would connect to and adjust each mixer separately. This shows up in VSL as two different mixers.

Q Are there presets for vocal and bell choirs?

A For now the Fat Channel presets are for individual vocalists. You should make some for choir and share them on the web. Find some forums online. You may find something at

Q How does the iPad connect to a laptop? (What Is the communication method?)

A The iPad can connect through a wireless connection, so iPad and computer connected to the StudioLive are on the same network. They see each other and can communicate.

Q How do you change the sample rate in Capture to 44.1 Khz from 48 khz.

A This must be done when you create the session.

Q All of my sound techs have been using analog boards for many many years. In your experience, how difficult is it for "seasoned sound veterans" to transition from an analog board to a digital board?

A It is very difficult with other digital mixers. The StudioLive was designed with the analog guy in mind.

Q Can I use any of the computer tools if I have two of the 24.4.2 boards slaved together? I know I can't record because of the 32 channel limit

A Once you chain a 24 you lose connection to a computer completely.

Q We have the 16.4.2 which we use for small events for youth or in the park, and I've been interested in the 24.4.2 for our two worship locations. Can two of the 24 channel versions be linked? If so, how many auxes, effect sends and groups are available in that configuration?

A The 24 channel mixer can be chained for live purposes only. This gives you a 48x4x2 mixer with 10 auxes from the master unit. The 24 channel functions much like the 16, but with more I/O and features. Something to note is that FireWire handles only 104 streams of audio. Because of this you cannot chain two 24 as they have more streams than two 16s. They are designed in a way that severs communication to a computer when you change the link ID. This change must happen to chain another 24 to provide 48 channels of live mixing only. In effect, you cannot record, or even connect to a computer with two 24 channel StudioLive mixers.

Q Are there only 2 effects available to any channel at any one time?

A There are only two time based effects processors. Every channel can be sent to them.

Q I have enjoyed using the iPad app to mix from the congregation area,but I still have to go back to the booth to record. Will Capture be integrated somehow into the iPad app?

A Not sure about that. For now just control over the mixer. If you want you can use a remote desktop app to control your computer and record enable Capture that way.

Q How does the Capture work when you have 2 studio live mixers cascaded together via fire wire?

A Capture is a smart software, so it automatically sees two mixers and configures all tracks and I/O for you. No setup at all, two buttons and go. Capture works for a single 16.4.2, or a single 24.4.2 or for two 16.4.2's slaved together.

Q Can you show how to play a cd or run music through this board for a service?.

A You can stream iTunes, or Windows Media over firewire into the channels of your StudioLive. This is configured in your Audio/Midi setup (MAC) and WDM setup in Windows.

Q How should the sound settings for the laptop be setup? Also, how do I use programs like ToonTrack with the board?

A Need more info regarding your first question but ToonTrack, like you can stream iTunes, or Windows Media over firewire into the channels of your StudioLive. This is configured in your Audio/Midi setup (MAC) and WDM setup in Windows.

Q Do I need two separate computers for live use of Capture and Virtual Studio Live or can they be used simultaneously on one computer? In other words, could VSL be running in the background with Capture "on top" and using the StudioLive remote on the iPad for the remote board control?

A All PreSonus apps can be run simultaneously on one computer connected to your StudioLive.

Q When recalling a scene store does the recall include mic gain? What is the record send point when recording with Capture? Post EQ?

A 1.) Head amps are not recallable. 2.) Firewire send can be pre, or post Fat Channel by selecting the dig out button in the Fat Channel.

Q Can't get my Window 7 computer to connect with the PreSonus.

A Please contact Technical Support at or by calling 225.216.7887 for further assistance.

Q Can you gang two StudioLive 24.4.4 mixers for 48 channels? If so, can all of those channels be captured and controlled in VSL?

A You can connect two 24 channel StudioLives, however they will not connect to a computer at that time.

Q How much memory is the minimum for the iPad APP?

A The computer specs are on our website. We recommend 2Gb for recording. I personally say 4Gb, cause it is so cheap, but get everything you can.

Q Hi, I read that the high pass filter is only 6db per octave. Is that true or is it something that can be adjusted? It seems too gentle to be really useful.

A Unfortunately the slope is 6db, but you can use it in conjunction with the shelf in the four band, so it does work.

Q Can you daisy chain a 16.4.2 and a 24.4.2 together?

A You can only chain mixers with the same model number so 16 to 16 and 24 to 24.

Q Can StudioLive Capture record from two different 24.4.2 mixers that are not linked by firewire?

A No. You can only record with one StudioLive 24 channel. When you chain another mixer you lose the connection to the computer.

Q Do the AUX inputs have Fat Channel available? Are outputs assigned via the Fat Channel?

A The aux returns do have fat channel on them. They can be assigned to the main and subs on the 16 and to the main subs and auxes on the 24.

Q Can VSL record in MP3 or at least export the lapel channel to MP3 for direct website upload. We store just the pastors message on our website.

A None of our applications record MP3, however Studio One Pro can export to MP3. You can also take the 44.1-16 file from Capture and export it as an MP3 though iTunes.

Q Is there a plan to be able to connect the SL mixers direct to iPad without a computer and universal control? I know it is a stretch and will require some other components but thought I would ask.

A That would be an entirely different product, so for now I would say that isn't in the future plans.

Q When I solo a channel nothing happens, eveything stays on and all it does is select the channel. Shouldn't all the other channels be muted when I solo a channel?

A You have three solo modes on the mixer. These are heard through the main mix in SIP and through the monitor bus in AFL/PFL. If you want the channels to mute when you solo a channel press and hold SIP.

Q What's the order you should turn on your board and computer? I would guess computer on then plug in firewire then turn on board? Also when I got the board it had a zero out board setting and now it is somehow gone, along with all the scenes I had saved on the board, not sure what caused this but It had something to do with the computer and plugging it into the board while it's on and the board froze. Do you know what I did wrong to cause that?

A You should be able to power on in any order but best practices say to power the computer on last. You may need to reflash your firmware on your unit to restore the proper settings. Please refer to the knowledge base:

Q Can you directly connect to most DAWs from the mixer (cubase, logic, pro-tools), or will you have to wire to another interface like the FP10 first?

A You can connect the StudioLive directly to any software that is core audio/ASIO compliant. You do not need another interface, as it is built into the mixer.

Q The PreSonus board is great, but I need 32 channels. Is a 32-channel StudioLive board planned?

A PreSonus is definitely interested in building smaller and larger mixers, but for now and the immediate future you can link two 16.4.2s for 32 channels of live sound and recording.

Q Can I create a scene that the more inexperienced users can copy over to have a base setup that they can start from each time?

A Yes, absolutely. You can load in a 'starting point' scene that will give the user a basic set up. Moreover, you can also set up individual channel presets just in case you a slightly different input list from week to week.

Q Is it possible to lock certain users out of compressors / limiters / etc to just give them a basic workspace?

A The 'lock out' portion of the StudioLive will let's you choose 'yes or no' to allow the user use of EQ and Dynamics, Aux Sends, Preset scenes or a complete lockout of everything. Here's a video that shows how to do this: How to Use Security Lockout Features on the StudioLive 16.4.2 Mixer


Q Options that I would like to see include an additional 8 channels of inputs.

A You can add a Firestudio Project, which will give you an additional eight mic inputs. These can be routed to different outputs on the back of the Project, and sent to several sets of analog line inputs on the StudioLive board so you can bring them up into the house and send them to aux sends for monitors. Here's a video that goes through this functionality (the video starts at 5:30):


Watch live streaming video from presonuslive at

Q So, can I use this with Studio One 2.5? if i have a project with (let's say 10 tracks), can I do some outboard mixing (eq and what not) on this board, and it effects the tracks in my daw? Or do you have to record with the effects via the board into your daw?

A Yes, you can use Studio One 2.5 with the StudioLive 16.0.2. You many download for free the latest version of Studio One if you are already a Studio One v.2 user. Yes, you may record with or without effects live then in post mode add effects to your heart's content using your Studio One DAW.

Have more questions? Leave them in the comments below and our experts will answer them!



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