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Acoustic Guitar Microphones

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DPA 4099G d:vote Guitar Mic Kit

DPA 4099G d:vote Guitar Mic Kit 

Guitar mic kit includes, (1) 4099 mic with gooseneck, (1) GC4099 guitar mic clip, (1) DAD6001-BC XLR adapter

The DPA 4099G d:vote guitar mic kit is an easy to mount, low-profile microphone system that sounds great on acoustic guitars in a live sound setting. Using acoustic guitars with a live sound system can pose some significant problems such as feedback when using external mics or the less than satisfying sound you get from piezo electric and magnetic pickups or other internal mic systems. The 4099G is designed to give you a studio quality acoustic sound when used live on stage.


  • Superior gain-before-feedback
  • Wireless compatible
  • Flexible and easy one-hand mounting
  • Mounting system is gentle on the instrument
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Sennheiser e 614

Sennheiser e 614 Supercardioid Instrument Microphone

Overhead supercardioid condenser instrument microphone

Sennheiser e 614 Features:

  • Supercardioid, polarized condenser mic
  • Nearly flat response from 40-20,000 Hz
  • Extended frequency range, high SPL handling, fast transient response, small size
  • Captures shimmer & contact of sticks, mallets, & hands

The Sennheiser e 614 is a supercardioid condenser microphone designed for demanding instrument recordings and performances that require extended frequency response, high SPL handling, fast transient response, and a compact size. While drum set overhead miking was the first design priority, the e614 also works exceptionally well on percussion setups, fitting comfortably into tight places. The e614 can handle high SPLs and features medium sensitivity for reduced bleed from other instruments on stage. Because of its excellent acoustic properties, this mic is also ideal for home recording.

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Sennheiser MK 4

Sennheiser MK 4 Condenser Microphone

Large diaphragm condenser microphone

The hunt for great side address condenser microphones starts and ends with the high-quality Sennheiser MK 4 large diaphragm condenser microphone. Not only can the MK 4 handle your most ambitious projects, but it's also surprisingly affordable - especially for such a high-end model. Featuring a 24-carat gold-plated large diaphragm capsule, the MK 4 is optimized for studio use, but it is a versatile tool that excels in any recording or live environments. This mic puts vocals front and center, and also handles acoustic instruments like a dream. You won't find a better cardioid condenser mic that sounds this fantastic while still being easy on your budget - buy an MK4 today and be blown away!

Sennheiser MK 4 Features
  • 1” large diaphraghm capsule
  • True condenser design
  • 24K gold-plated diaphragm
  • Minimizes handling noise with internally shock-mounted capsule
  • Low inherent self-noise and high maximum SPL
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AKG C1000S

AKG C1000S Microphone

Condenser mic with cardioid to hypercardioid polar pattern converter

    The AKG C1000 S multipurpose small-diaphragm condenser microphone is extremely popular for its versatility. It is suitable for recording and live sound applications as well as for ENG/EFP and video productions. Its gold sputtered capsule housing makes the microphone extremely rugged against humidity. If no phantom power is available, the C1000 S can be powered by two standard AA batteries for up to 120 hours. It also features a bass-cut switch and a switchable -10 dB pad. The polar pattern can quickly be switched from cardioid to hypercardioid. Three different frequency settings are adding more clarity to speech and instrument sounds.


  • Multipurpose small-diaphragm condenser mic
  • Suitable for recording & live sound, plus ENG/EFP & video productions
  • Battery status LED
  • Powered by internal 9V battery or phantom power (9-52 V DC)
  • PPC 1000 allows mic to be switched from cardioid to hypercardioid pickup pattern
  • Presence Boost Adapter PB 1000 included for high-end enhancement
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Audio-Technica AT-AT2020

Audio-Technica AT-AT2020 Condenser Microphone

Condenser cardioid microphone for studio and stage uses

    The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a versatile side-address cardioid condenser microphone. With high SPL handling and a wide dynamic range, this microphone is ideal for project / home studio applications. Audio-Technica's stringent quality and consistency standards set the AT2020 apart from other mics in it's class. The cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of the desired sound source. A custom-engineered 16mm low-mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response. The AT2020 runs on phantom power and will attach securely to your stand for easy and precise placement. Where price and performance are concerned, the Audio-Technica AT2020 is the standard in side-address audio condenser microphone technology.


  • Price/Performance standard in side-address studio condenser mic technology
  • Ideal for project / home studio applications
  • High SPL handling & wide dynamic range for unmatched versatility
  • Custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm for extended frequency response & superior transient response
  • Cardioid polar pattern to reduce pickup of sounds from sides & rear, improving isolation of desired sound source
  • Pivoting, threaded stand mount that attaches securely for easy & precise mic placement
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CAD CAD-GXL1200 Cardioid Studio Instrument Microphone

CAD GXL-1200 Cardiod Studio Instrument Mic

    The CAD Audio GXL1200 is a cardioid pattern condenser microphone packaged in a rugged, all metal housing with a transformerless design that provides low distortion and optimum low end frequency response. It's small size, accurate sound reproduction, and high SPL capability make this a great choice for miking overheads, high hats, cymbals, woodwinds and stringed instruments.


  • Externally Biased Condenser
  • Unidirectional (Cardioid) Polar Pattern
  • 30 Hz - 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • -56dB 0dB=1V/uBar @ 1kHz Sensitivity
  • Low (Less than 200 Ohms) Impedance
  • +14dB (A-weighted) Equivalent Noise Level
  • P24V or P48V Phantom Power
  • 3 pin XLR Connector
  • Positive pressure on diaphragm generates a positive voltage on pin
  • #2 relative to pin #3
  • Weighs only126 Grams
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CAD CAD-GXL2200 Microphone - Condenser Large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone for recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement

CAD Audio Large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone for recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement

    The GXL2200 by CAD Audio is a large diameter, fixed cardioid pattern, condenser microphone for recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement, including vocal and instrument applications. Microphone features a 1" gold vapor deposited diaphragm capsule and requires standard 48 Volt phantom power. Includes a removeable swivel mount that fits any 5/8" x 27 threaded microphone stand.


  • Externally biased true condenser
  • Unidirectional (cardioid) polar pattern
  • 30 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response
  • Less than 200 ohms impedance:
  • Less than 20dB (A-weighted) equivalent noise level
  • Matte black finish
  • Positive diaphragm pressure produces a positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3
  • Weighs 14.1 oz. (400 grams), Mic only
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Sennheiser e 914

Sennheiser e 914 Instrument Microphone

High-grade condenser instrument microphone

Sennheiser e 914 Features:

  • Exceptionally lively, clear sound
  • 3-position sensitivity switch
  • 3-position bass roll-off/cut-off switch
  • Very high sound pressure handling capability
  • Exchangeable capsule

The Sennheiser e 914 is a high-grade condenser microphone for very demanding applications. Its outstanding sound properties qualify it for highly sophisticated applications like acoustic guitars, cymbals, percussion, overhead, orchestras, and grand pianos. The e 914 is also a good choice for ambitious recordings and live performances.

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Shure SM81 Instrument Microphone

Shure SM81 Instrument Microphone Condenser

Unidirectional, silver

The Shure Model SM81 is a high-quality, unidirectional condenser microphone designed for studio recording, broadcasting, and sound reinforcement. Its wide frequency response, low noise characteristics, and low RF susceptibility have made it a standard for applications involving acoustic instruments, especially guitar, piano, and cymbals.


  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • Flat response curve for accurate reproduction of sound sources
  • Low noise and high output clipping level
  • Low distortion over a wide range of load impedances
  • Cardioid polar pattern, uniform with frequency and symmetric about axis, providing maximum rejection and minimum
  • c
  • oloration of off-axis sounds
  • Low RF susceptibility
  • Rugged steel construction for durability
  • Field-usable over wide range of temperature and humidity conditions
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Audio-Technica AT-AE5100

Audio-Technica AT-AE5100 Large-diaphragm cardioid - 80Hz switch

Audio Technica Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Instrument Microphone

    Whether used as a choir mic or for percussion, guitar, strings, or other acoustic instruments, your music's energy deserves the uncompromising sound quality that The Audio-Technica AE5100 microphone delivers - even more affordably than you'd expect! The AE5100 has a large-diaphragm capsule for accurate, natural response; yet its robust, low-profile design facilitates innovative placement and outstanding performance-to-size ratio. It provides uncompromising sound quality for instruments and has the most essential ingredients for quality live sound in a choir microphone. It works great for recording too.


  • Large-diaphragm capsule
  • Low-profile design
  • Cardioid polar pattern (less sound from sides & rear; improved isolation)
  • Robust design for enduring dependability on the road
  • Isolation clamp for shock protection, secure mounting, & easy positioning
  • Integral 80 Hz HPF switch & 10 dB pad
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DPA VO4-Classic Touring Kit

DPA VO4-Classic Touring Kit with (4) d:vote 4099 Supercardioid Condenser Instrument Microphones, Mounts, and Accessories

Microphone Bundle with (4) d:vote 4099 Supercardioid Condenser Instrument Microphones, Mounts, and Accessories

The DPA d:vote VO4-Classic Touring Kit is a bundle that includes four of DPA's d:vote 4099 instrument microphones along with mounts and accessories designed for miking classical and acoustic instruments. This kit is an ideal choice for small ensembles looking for an elegant and simple way to mic up their instruments without sacrificing sound quality. The d:vote 4099 comes equipped with DPA's flexible MicroDot adapter system, which features a wide array of optional interchangeable adapters, allowing you to connect to standard wired setups or to wireless systems from the most popular manufacturers including Shure, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica. Using these adapters make it easy to travel with your d:vote microphones, since instead of having to invest in multiple microphones for different wireless systems, you can simply swap out the adapter and be good to go!


  • Flat, warm frequency response
  • Excellent phase characteristics
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Gentle, yet secure adhesion to instruments
  • Compact, discreet size
  • Detachable cable and versatile gooseneck extender options available (sold separately)
  • Flexible adapter system fits most professional wireless systems (sold separately)
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