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Consulting for Architects
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Worship Technology

Audio, Video & Acoustical Consultation for Architects

Audio/Video and a Whole Lot More

When we ask top architects why they continue to use CCI Solutions for acoustical and A/V consulting on their toughest design challenges, it usually boils down to one simple reason: We make them look good.

Our specialty is collaborating with you to achieve practical yet artful solutions for incorporating high-performance sound, theatrical and A/V technology into your designs for performing arts, sports, conference, education, auditorium and church facilities.

Partners Who Speak Your Language

We're fluent in the language of architecture and interact readily with the other design team members throughout the design process. Our designers and engineers possess technical excellence and creativity in equal measure. We specialize in bringing you knowledgeable, insightful and cost-effective technical systems for your most critical projects.

Experience that Adds Value to Your Project

We're creative, but with a careful eye to budget. We look to add value to your design with a balanced approach to technology. With hundreds of tough consulting and design-build projects under our belt, we know how to prioritize acoustical and performance A/V technology to achieve maximum impact and ensure that the client's venue will look and sound great.

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Learn about our consulting services for presentation and entertainment facilities or worship facilities.

CCI has a clear understanding of their role. They understand the needs of the space and employ a pragmatic approach to compliment the architect's vision.
Kevin Broderick - Principal Architect
Broderick Architects
Seattle, WA