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Aviom Personal Monitor Mixing Accessories

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Aviom AVM-PS-120

Aviom AVM-PS-120 Power Supply

Aviom power supply with external switch

    The Aviom PS-120 is a replacement universal switching power supply for most Pro16 Series products. It is also available in non-US voltages.

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Aviom AVM-EB-1

Aviom AVM-EB-1 Extension Bracket For MT-1 microphone stand mount

Aviom Extension Bracket for MT-1 microphone stand mount

    The Aviom EB-1 Extension Bracket allows a Personal Mixer fitted with the MT-1 Mic Stand Mount to be attached to the shaft of a mic stand or music stand.

  • Allows the A-16II Personal Mixer or A-16CS Control Surface to be mounted on a standard mic or music stand
  • Requires MT-1 Mic Stand Mount
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    Aviom AVM-MT1A Microphone Stand Mount

    Used to mount an A360 Personal Mixer, A320 Personal Mixer, A-16II Personal Mixer, or the A-16CS Control Surface

      The Aviom MT-1a Microphone Stand Mount attaches with three screws to the bottom of Aviom Personal Mixers: A360, A320, A-16II, or the Aviom A-16CS Control Surface. Additional ring nuts are supplied for attachment on any other standard mic stand.

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    Aviom AVM-MT-X

    Aviom AVM-MT-X Expansion Box

    With etherCON connector, 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch stereo headphone outputs, XLR left/right line-level audio outputs (unbalanced), requires Aviom MT-1 stand mount

      The Aviom MT-X Expansion Box provides rugged protection to a personal mixer's case and connectors as well as additional audio connectivity options, simplifying connections to nearly any monitoring device! The MT-X attaches to the built-in mounting holes on the underside of the personal mixer along with an MT-1 mic stand mount. Personal mixers equipped with an MT-X are designed to be powered over the Cat-5 cable from an A-16D or A-16D Pro A-Net distributor.


    • Provides robust protection to the Personal Mixer's case and connectors
    • Attaches easily to any Personal Mixer
    • 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch stereo headphone outputs
    • XLR left/right line-level audio outputs (unbalanced)
    • EtherCon® connector for A-Net In
    • Requires MT-1 Mic Stand Mount
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