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Aviom 8 mixer system

We put together more Aviom systems for worship than anyone, let us configure the right system for you at the best price available.

Using in-ear monitors and headphones with an Aviom personal monitor mixing system can really improve the quality of your praise and worship services in the following ways:

    1- The quality of the music will be better for everyone to enjoy. Your musicians can hear themselves better with phones and Aviom mixers. This improves their singing and playing and gives them the best experience as musicians - which translates to better.

    2- The sound that the audience hears can greatly improve. Since the stage volume can be drastically reduced with IEMs, the main sound tech can really control the mix in the room without fighting the loud sound coming from the stage.

    3- Everyone has a great experience. Your musicians can adjust their own monitor volumes. They get to hear what they want to hear and the main sound tech can focus on getting the sound in the auditorium right. Plus the audience benefits when your worship team is satisfied with the sound of the music they are making.

Aviom personal mixing systems are made up from a series of core products in various combinations to create the perfect system for each band or worship team. We have developed a basic Aviom system below to accommodate eight musicians and comes complete with IEMs for 6 musicians and headphones for the drummer and bass player. It can be modified as needed to fit your application.

Our system starts with the AN-16i input module. This is where all the various instruments and voices get into the monitor mixing system. It has 16 analog audio inputs that get converted to a digital signal and are sent to via generic CAT-5 computer network cable to split out into the personal mixers.

In our system, we run a single CAT-5 cable from the AN-16i (which is usually located at the main mixing position) back up to the stage and into the next core product: the A-16D Pro distribution hub. The A-16D Pro takes the main CAT-5 Cable and splits it into 8 CAT-5 outputs. Each of the 8 mixers get plugged directly into the A-16D Pro hub on stage. The cool thing about the hub is that it supplies both the audio and the power required run each of the personal mixers so you don't have to plug in power to each mixer.

That brings us to the A-16 II personal mixers. These are the highlight of the system. They let each musician/singer adjust their own perfect mix of up to 16-input sources. You can save your mixes into memory and recall them whenever you want. The mixer has a headphone amp built so you can plug your IEMs or headphones right into the mixer. We also include the MT-1 mic stand adapter allowing each mixer can be mounted on a mic stand and placed right next to each musician on stage.

The in-ear monitors we provide are Shure SCL3 isolating ear phones (6 pairs). They are included because they offer an extended frequency response, are comfortable, low-profile and they offer great isolation from stage noise. Most of your musicians and singers will prefer these for the great sound and light weight.

We also provide two sets of Audio-Technica ATH-D40FS headphones. These are perfect for the drummer and bass player because they offer extended bass response and they can go loud! Also, bass players and drummers are usually not as adverse to wearing full headphones, especially if you add the Silent Subwoofer to give them concert-level low end without adding any noise to the stage.

Remember, when you buy an Aviom system from CCI Solutions you not only get the best pre-sale advice and help in configuring your system, but you also receive livetime technical support from our worship technology experts

Check out how our 8 mixer system goes together:

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