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Tascam DA-6400 64 Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder

Tascam DA-6400 64 Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder with Backup Recording System for Synchronized Capture

64 channels at 48kHz/24-bit, 2.5-inch SSD recording media, hi-visibility color LCD (320x120 pixels)

The TASCAM DA-6400 Digital Multitrack Recorder is an all-new 64-track recorder that records to an internal SSD drive caddy for live and event recording. Professional I/O options like MADI and DANTE make it ideal for live recording, event capture, or as a backup for critical DAW sessions. Available with a single or dual/redundant power supply, the DA-6400 is an unbeatable option for professional remote recording.

Included with the DA-6400 is an AK-CC25 hot-swappable caddy containing a high-performance 240GB TASCAM solid-state drive. The caddy includes a USB 3 jack for stand-alone use; simply hand the drive to the client to offload the BWAV files into their DAW session. I/O options for the DA-6400 include the IF-MA64/EX interface card with both coaxial and optical MADI connections. This card includes a redundant coaxial connection so that MADI is passed through even if power is lost, making it an ideal backup recorder for DAW sessions.


  • Stable, reliable 64-channel digital multitrack recorder
  • Embedded operating system for reliability & simplicity
  • Records & plays back 64 channels at 48kHz/24-bit or 32 channels at 96kHz/24-bit PCM
  • Custom-designed Solid State Drives for max performance
  • Built-in high-precision TCXO clock with 1ppm accuracy
  • 1U size enables installation where rack space is at a premium
  • Backup recordings synchronized with Pro Tools studio systems
  • Compact solution for live recording
  • BWF support for easy transfer to DAW software
  • Included remote control & LAN functions
  • MADI, Dante, and AES/EBU multichannel I/O cards supported
  • 2 audio interface slots provide input & output flexibility

Be sure to check out the owner's manual and Spec sheet for more instruction, information, and features!

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Tascam DP-03SD 8 Track Digital Portastudio

Tascam DP-03SD 8 Track Digital Portastudio with Simultaneous 2-Track Recording and 8-Track Playback

Professional-grade recording technologies, flexible editing functions, nine 45-mm faders

The Tascam DP-03D 8-track digital recorder captures your music at CD quality to affordable SD/SDHC cards, and a 2GB card is included with the recorder. With built-in microphones, effects, mastering and CD burning, the DP-03 provides everything musicians need to record and share their music.

A pair of stereo condenser microphones is built into the front panel of the DP-03, helpful for capturing a rehearsal, live performance or songwriting ideas. Also included are a pair of high-quality XLR microphone preamps with phantom power for condenser microphones. 1/4" line inputs are also available, and an instrument-level switch allows you to record a guitar or bass without a direct box. A three-button footswitch, the RC-3F, is available for control and punch in.


  • Eight Track Faders & One Master Fader
  • Records to SD/SDHC Cards
  • Two Built-In Stereo Condenser Mics
  • Records Two Tracks Simultaneously
  • Built-In EQ, Compression, and Reverb
  • Includes 2GB SD Card
  • Two XLR Mic/Line Inputs
  • Two ¼ Inch Inputs

Be sure to check out the Owner's manual for more instruction, information, and features!

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Tascam DR-40 Handheld 4-Track Recorder

Tascam DR-40 Handheld 4-Track Recorder with Adjustable Unidirectional Microphones

4-track 96kHz/24-bit Digital Recorder with XLR Inputs and Adjustable Mics

The Tascam DR-40 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorder from Tascam provides professional-level features and flexibility in a compact and durable design ideal for field use. This device can record high-quality WAV/BWF or MP3 files to readily-available SD or SDHC flash memory cards, allowing you to record hours of material and share it easily. A 2GB card is included so you can get started recording right away.

The recorder features built-in adjustable condenser microphones, allowing you to choose an X/Y or A/B recording pattern to meet the needs of your environment and application. A built-in limiter and switchable low cut filter help to reduce peaks and rumble for cleaner recordings. There are a pair of Neutrik combo inputs that accept XLR and 1/4" connections for terrific flexibility. Built-in mic preamps provide phantom power so you can use external condenser mics


  • Unidirectional stereo condenser microphones that can record in A-B and X-Y positions
  • XLR/TRS inputs compatible with +4dBu line level / +48V
  • 4-channel mode that can be used for dual recording and nondestructive overdub recording, etc.
  • MS decoding function making it possible to use M-S microphones
  • Optional RC-3F foot switch and RC-10 wired remote control can be connected
  • Long-time operation of over 20 hours is possible using just the internal batteries
  • Auto recording function that can detect the sound input signal level and automatically start recording
  • Proven high sound pressure design for capturing loud sounds of up to 125dB SPL
  • Peak reduction function that detects peaks and automatically sets the optimal level
  • Self timer recording function
  • Seamless gain control
  • Low-cut filter with three levels (40/80/120Hz)

Be sure to check out the user's manual and video for more instruction, information, and features!

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Tascam US-20X20 20-in/20-out USB 3.0 Interface

Tascam US-20X20 20-in/20-out USB 3.0 Interface Mic Pre/Mixer

Ultra-HDDA mic preamps with -125dBu EIN, up to 192kHz/24-bit recording, USB 3.0/2.0 computer connection

The TASCAM Celesonic US-20x20 packs 20 channels of analog and digital I/O into a single rack space with great sounding preamps and USB 3.0/2.0 connectivity. Eight Ultra-HDDA microphone preamps provide 56dB of gain and high headroom to make microphones sound their best. Up to ten channels of digital I/O are included on ADAT and S/PDIF connectors, with word clock also provided for use with external clocks like TASCAM's CG-1000. MIDI I/O allows use with controllers and synthesizers, and sample rates up to 192kHz/24-bit are supported.

This device is the first USB 3.0 interface to use class-compliant drivers for future-proof use with computers and tablets. A built-in DSP mixer includes parametric EQ and compression on every channel and a stereo reverb send for great-sounding monitor mixes. The DSP mixer can also be used as a live mixer or submixer with computer control.


  • 8 Ultra-HDDA mic preamps with 20dB of headroom
  • Direct inputs for guitar & bass
  • High-grade components selected through careful listening tests
  • 20 inputs & 20 outputs to handle large sessions
  • 8 XLR/TRS inputs & 2 TRS inputs
  • S/PDIF coaxial input/output
  • Word input/output, which enables connection with external clock generator
  • 3 switchable modes: Interface (for recording with a DAW), Mic Preamp (enabling use as a mic pre with analog & digital output), & Mixer (enabling use for PA/SR use as a keyboard mixer)
  • High resolution recording up to 192Hz/24-bit
  • USB 3.0 computer connection, a leading transmission standard
  • Advanced DSP mixer with 4-band equalizer & compressor on each channel

Be sure to check out the user's manual for more instruction, information, and features!

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