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Church Acoustical Consulting

Church Acoustical Consulting

Before You Build, Plan

We believe your style of worship should shape the acoustics of your church, not the other way around. The greatest sound system money can buy can't overcome poor acoustics. The most rewarding and economical way to get superior results is to plan acoustics before you build, ideally early in the design phase.

Architects from around the country choose CCI Solutions for just that reason. They request our acoustical expertise on some of the most challenging performance-oriented church projects in the country

Designs that Work

We employ an intelligent combination of acoustical principles, computer modeling, creative insight and supervision of execution to produce cost-effective, buildable designs. We provide comprehensive acoustical material placement designs and details, many in 3-D. We collaborate with the architect on any changes to the building envelope required to support the acoustical treatments and technical systems requirements.

Results that Resonate

The result? No latent echoes, dead spots or hollow spaces. Instead you get customized acoustics that support excellent speech clarity and the musical expression you desire.

Consulting - Sound, Lighting and Video

The people at CCI Solutions are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I can talk to someone who knows what I need and the prices are right too!
Ryan Hunzie
Programming Director First Presbyterian Church