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Church For All Nations — Tacoma, WA

Solutions For A Growing Church

Church for All Nations (CFAN) is a rapidly growing church located in the Parkland area of South Tacoma, Washington. This multi-cultural, multi-generational church uses all means at its disposal to reach a diverse surrounding community with a powerful message of love and forgiveness. The church, formerly known as Bethel Christian Assembly, was holding five regular services every weekend in addition to weeknight revival services in their previous 700-seat facility. It was impossible to grow at their landlocked existing facility located between the Tacoma Mall and Interstate 5. A vision arose for a new campus located approximately 10 miles away. This new campus would be home to a 2,500-seat worship center, offices, educational facilities, a youth complex and other support facilities to house the various ministries.


As a result of the product and service delivered to CFAN, Business Administrator Karl Zetterberg says “We at Church For All Nations are delighted with the quality of engineering, the execution of the technicians coming in and the bottom line is the resulting sound system. Thank you for the professional manner in which you met our budget and timeframe Zetterberg continues, “We just can’t say enough about all they did to help us make this happen. Thank you to Ron (Simonson), Joe (Brannberg), Greg (Hearns) and the installers for an outstanding system. So, of course, the bottom line is the sound that we’re now experiencing and enjoying in worship.”

How did CCI Solutions help?

CCI Solutions was retained by the church early in the design process to assist the architect in the development of the worship center. CCI Solutions provided acoustical, audio, house lighting, theatrical lighting, video lighting, video presentation and video production systems design services to make sure that this new building would be a state-of-the-art communications facility.


Working with the church leadership, CCI Solutions made a comprehensive analysis of the church’s ministry needs first. We then made detailed recommendations to provide an acoustical environment that would tame the cavernous interior volume of the space and enhance the contemporary worship band, gospel choir and congregational singing. Extensive diffusion surfaces were employed to return congregational singing energy back into the seating area. CCI Solutions, Taylor/Gregory Architects and Lee Kirk Architects combined talents to create a unique ceiling reflector system that was designed specifically for this project. Special absorptive panel assemblies were specified to help moderate excessive mid-band reverberation that would have destroyed speech and music clarity had the space gone untreated.


CCI Solutions designed and installed a concert-quality sound reinforcement system with more than enough capacity to handle the church’s special events such as concerts and musical dramas. A five-way system was installed to provide outstanding fidelity and remarkable clarity for speech and music at all volume levels. The system is designed to provide future splits for on-stage monitors and separate recording rooms. A 48-channel Soundcraft K3 mixing console handles house-mixing duties from a control booth located in the middle of the congregational seating area.


CCI Solutions created a multi-faceted lighting design to meet the needs of the church for worship, drama and television lighting. All of the systems work together to provide a dramatic, but subtle sense of depth and dimension to this large space. Creative lighting placement, color selection and fixture types combine to create a pleasing visual space. Catwalks were incorporated in the design from the start to provide access for moves and additions to the stage lighting system. A 96-channel dimming system provides control for all three lighting systems with future expansion to 288 circuits as budget allows.


Two 18-foot video projection screens flank the platform. These screens provide worship lyrics, image magnification (IMAG) and video playback to the congregation. 3000-lumen projectors are used to provide bright images onto these large screens. Live video is provided through a production switcher and Sony D30 digital studio camera. Future expansion to triax and multi-camera operation was designed in from the start.

If I call some other place that isn't familiar with how churches operate, then I don't get solutions customized for my situation like I do at CCI!
Kelly Olp
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