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Church Lighting

We Create & Design Illuminating Worship Experiences

It's easy to underestimate the psychological effect that Architectural and Church Lighting has on your congregation. Oppressive overhead lights, harsh shadows and conflicting color temperatures are major distractions that seriously undermine even the best worship service.

Led by our certified lighting designer, we craft church lighting solutions that enhance the ambience of your facility and give added dimension and texture to your worship program.

Architectural and Church Lighting

Our architectural lighting is bright, yet aesthetically pleasing. We work closely with your architect to create a worship space that supports the contemporary worship experience. Control of the “house lighting” is fully integrated with the church lighting controls, creating a unified and flexible total lighting system.

For the platform, our church lighting provides color, depth and character. Our experienced team of lighting professionals will create church lighting designs that enhance your weekly worship service and provide for small and large dramatic presentations.

Strategic Placement

We know where to put lights to enhance communication. We place lights not only at the front, but from the back and sides of the platform to give depth. We want your congregation to feel connected to the people on the platform, not separate. Good lighting design enhances eye contact and facial expressions, helping your congregation to feel at home with those who are leading the services. Most importantly, we train your technical team to understand these concepts and implement them as your ministry adjusts and changes. Versatility and effectiveness are hallmarks of our church lighting designs.


Our church lighting designs are fully integrated with the architectural design of your facility and with other media systems. That means lighting won’t bleed onto video projection screens or cause unwelcome hums in speaker systems. We design the catwalk and theatrical lighting distribution systems too!

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