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Church sound systems & installations by CCI Solutions

Audio clarity and high impact at any volume- a difference you can hear

Many church sound systems can get loud. Few are clear and distinct while turned up loud.

In worship services, both the teaching and the music must be clearly understood by every member of your congregation, no matter where they sit. A church sound system that provides impact and clarity is an exceptional tool for effective ministry.

With our church sound reinforcement systems, you'll really hear the difference. We combine precision speech and vocal clarity with high impact, HD-quality musical performance support.

We work with houses of worship to engineer speaker systems for an exact match to the building design. Our engineers, designers and experienced project managers all work together to ensure that your church sound system is built and installed the right way.

View our latest church audio system integration projects.

We Think of Everything

Our systems are stable from feedback, versatile and very easy to set and operate. From personal on-stage in-ear monitor mixes to high-quality recording to digital mixers and controls- every detail of your audio system gets our fullest attention.

But that's not all.

Any church sound system depends upon the capability of the operator. We don't leave until your technicians are trained and comfortable with your new sound system. That's always been the CCI Solutions promise!

On a do-it-yourself mission? Talk to us about:

  • Wireless microphone systems: find the right cost-to-features balance for your church. Don't bottleneck a high-quality system with muddy wireless, but don't break the bank on features you don't need.
  • Monitors, speakers: In-ears or wedges? Line-arrays or powered speakers? It all depends on your church's layout and your worship leaders' needs. Talk it out with our experts. Phone calls are always free.
  • Digital snakes: digital consoles and stage boxes enable you to run all your audio channels from the stage to the mixer over a single cat5e cable or your existing network.
  • Power amplifiers: How many and how powerful? Which brands are the most reliable? We have the recommendations you need.
  • Powered mixers: when you need ultra-portability, power, and more than a few inputs/channels, a powered mixer might be the way to go. However, your portable needs may be better suited to a small powered speaker with 2 channels, Bluetooth and Digital Signal Processing, like the Bose S1 Pro.
  • Portable church sound system packages: bundle and save. When you buy a complete system, we can extend deeper discounts. Our best prices are only available when you call.
  • Vocal microphones: the most important mic in your church is on your pastor. Headset microphones differ drastically in quality between brands. Consider the impact a high-quality headset mic will have on engagement. A little extra budget goes a long way!
  • Powered speakers: these days many small to medium-sized houses of worship don't need racks full of power amplifiers. Active (powered) speakers are great space-savers and sound fantastic.
  • Portable sound systems: innovative new battery-powered products pack amazing sound into the smallest of form factors.Sound system packages: talk to us about your audio needs, your space, and your budget, and we'll work with you to design the best all-around system for your church. Award-winning support included.
  • Systems and church: find the balance between features and ease of use. Be prepared. There will come a time when a volunteer with very little audio engineering experience has to run your system. Check out our video on training volunteer audio engineers.
  • Anything and everything pro audio: you have questions, we have answers. Don't forget, we also do video and lighting!