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AKG SA60  


Stand Adapter

AKG's SA60 stand adapter is for straight shaft mics to hold small or medium condensers and straight-bodied dynamics firmly on your stand. Adjustable angle lets you orient the mic toward your source.

The SA60's screw thread fits . . .

[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  AKG-SA60
List Price $29.00
Save 24% with CCI Solutions
Buy the AKG SA60 Now
Atlas Sound FA-TR8  

Atlas Sound FA-TR8 

Construction Ring 8 inch Strategy Series

The Atlas Sound Strategy Series FA-TR8 trim ring/rough-in bracket, for wall or ceiling mount applications, installs prior to the drywall, and serves as a pattern cutout for the drywall contractor to finish out the wall leaving the . . .

[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  ATL-FA-TR8
List Price $32.95
Save 58% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Atlas Sound FA-TR8 Now
Neumann MNV 100  

Neumann MNV 100 

Hanger for KM 100 Series

The Neumann MNV 100 auditorium microphone hanger is used to suspend a detached miniature microphone capsule freely from its interconnecting cable over stages, auditoriums, board rooms, theaters, etc. The assembly can be rotated and . . .

[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  NEM-MNV100
List Price $139.00
Save 21% with CCI Solutions
Buy the Neumann MNV 100 Now
Peerless PLX6000  

Peerless PLX6000 Bracket For Sony VPLS900/1000

Bracket for Sony VPLS900/1000

The Peerless PLX6000 bracket for Sony VPLS900/1000.

. . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  PRL-VPLX6000
Buy the Peerless PLX6000 Now
Rolls WP37  

Rolls WP37 

Volume Control Wall Plate

The WP37 is a single volume control wall plate. Designed for use with the RM64, RM67 and RM70 remote volume controls.

. . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  ROL-WP37
Buy the Rolls WP37 Now
Telex CCS-12  

Telex CCS-12 Ear Cushions

Earbud Replacement Cushion Covers - 12-Pack

The Telex CCS-12 is a package of 12 replacement foam ear cushion covers, compatibly sized for use with the SEB-1, DEB-2 and HED-1 IFB and personal monitoring earbuds.

. . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  TEL-CCS-12
Buy the Telex CCS-12 Now
Anchor Audio MEGA-BAT  

Anchor Audio MEGA-BAT 

Replacment Battery for MegaVox PA System

Anchor Audio MEGA-BAT Features:

  • Replacement battery for all MegaVox speaker models
  • SLV 12V
  • 5 amps per hour

The Anchor Audio MEGA-BAT is a replacement battery for MegaVox . . .

Buy the Anchor Audio MEGA-BAT Now
Shure 36A624  

Shure 36A624 

Black Windscreen for WCM16

Shure 36A624 Features:

  • Windscreen for Shure WCM16 head worn mic
  • Prevents popping, breath noise, etc.
  • Color: black

The Shure 36A624 is a black windscreen for the Shure WCM16 . . .

[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  Z-SHU-36A624
Buy the Shure 36A624 Now
CCI Solutions 3/4  

CCI Solutions 3/4" RACK SCREW 25-Piece Pack

25-Piece Pack of 3/4" Rack Screws

Pack of 25 3/4” rack screws.

. . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  CCI-RAKSKRU.75
Buy the CCI Solutions 3/4

JVC XLV61K Rack Ears For XLV282BK

Rack Ears for XLV282BK

The JVC XLV61K Rack Ears for XLV282BK.

. . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  JVC-XLV61K
Buy the JVC XLV61K Now
Sabine BCLP-TX  

Sabine BCLP-TX 

Beltclip for the SW30T Transmitter

Sabine BCLP-TX beltclip for the SW30T transmitter.

. . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  SAB-BCLP-TX
Buy the Sabine BCLP-TX Now
Telex WS-11  

Telex WS-11 Foam Windscreen

Foam windscreen for Electro Voice headset

The Telex WS-11 Foam Windscreen is a replacement windscreen for the for Electro Voice PH-21 and PH-23 Headset Microphone. The Telex WS-11 windscreen helps to reduce speaking and environmental noise, lessening pop and light wind that occurs during normal . . .
[More Info...]    ITEM NUMBER  TEL-WS11
Buy the Telex WS-11 Now