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Digital Mixers
Top 7 Digital Mixers We Like!
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7 HOT Digital Mixers We Like!

This list was updated September 17, 2014

We're putting more digital mixers and consoles into churches than ever before because now there's a great digital mixer to fit any ministry budget! We've come up with seven hot digital mixers based on the recommendations of our staff technology experts. These are the digital mixers that other churches are buying from us and installing right now.

#7 - Best Digital Mixer Under $2000

PreSonus StudioLive 16

Our best selling digital mixer, period. 16 channels of beautiful PreSonus x-max preamps. 50 programmable channel presets so you can load in settings for various instruments, vocalists and microphones and recall them instantly. Last minute line-up change, no problem. Quick change between worship teams, no problem. With recallable EQ and compression settings on every input channel, aux buss, effects bus and main outputs, this mixer packs a ton of processing power into a compact package.

Included capture software gives you full recording capability to a laptop, so you can record your whole service and distribute it within minutes. Manipulate your mix wirelessly with an iPad using PreSonus' incredible StudioLive Remote-AI app. No wonder this is our top pick under $2000! See More Details>>

#6 - Best Digital Mixer Under $3500

PreSonus StudioLive 24

With everything that the StudioLive 16 has, and more, the PreSonus StudioLive 24 is fast becoming our most popular mixer. Besides the additional 8 input channels, the StudioLive 24 has 10 auxiliary mixes and 2 internal effects sends so you can handle in-ear personal monitoring or a full stage of wedge monitors plus effects.

Every one of the ten aux busses has Fat Channel with 4-band parametric eq., compression, gate and limiter! The StudioLive 24 also has four stereo 31-band graphic equalizers so you can tune your mains and wedges without the need for external eq's. If you don't need more than 24 channels of inputs, then the StudioLive 24 could be all you'll ever need!
See More Details >>

#5 - Best Digital Mixer that Operates just like an Analog Board

Soundcraft Si Expression 3

The biggest advantage of a digital mixer is flexibility. Flexibility can come at the cost of usability. There are just some techs out there that still won't use a digital mixer. We think that's going to change with the Soundcraft Si Expression 3. One look at the console and you already know how to run it. Controls are large, clear, and easy to see. The layout is logical. They call it One Touch Easy Mix and we think it's a great design for Live Sound use.

Soundcraft has also taken the use of LED lighting to a whole new level on this console. LED light strips next to the faders change color to let you know what function mode you have the board in. No more guessing or trying to look at a small digital display somewhere in the upper corner of the mixer.

Talk about busses, the Si Expression 3 has them. A total of 25 mix buses! Stereo In-ears, no problem! If you want a fast mixing, versatile, high quality professional digital mixer and don't need more than 32 active mic channels and 4 stereo line inputs, then the Soundcraft Si Expression 3 mixer is your answer. See More Details >>

#4 - Best Digital Mixer for use with Aviom Personal Monitor Systems

Yamaha LS9-32

We've sold a ton of Yamaha LS-9 digital mixers with Aviom Personal Monitor Packages. Aviom makes a card that you simply slide into one of the expansion slots on the LS-9 to gain full access to the output busses of the mixer. A simple CAT-5 cable connects the mixer to the Aviom hub placed on or near the stage. Plug the Aviom mixers into the hub, assign the busses on the console, and you're up and running. The LS-9 and Aviom combo makes a perfect package for portable churches. It couldn't be simpler than plugging in a CAT-5 cable to connect Front of House to a full on stage monitor mix setup!

Since the LS-9 comes in a 32 input version, it's also perfect for the growing church that has a larger worship team. With the appropriate cards, you can connect up to 64 inputs on the LS-9/32 and select any 32 to control at one time. Remember, though, that the Aviom card takes one slot, so if you plan to use Aviom, think a maximum of 48 inputs. See More Details >>

#3 - Best Digital Mixer with Integrated Snake and Stage Box System

Roland M-400 V-Mix

Roland got this one right! They designed a fully integrated digital snake and stage box system with the mixer. That's right, the preamps and digital converters are right on the stage. Everything heading back to the mixer is already digital. No more hum, buzz and radio interference. Simply connect the mixer to the stage boxes using Cat5e cables.

Returns to the stage are also digital. This system is super for retrofitting an existing building because the wiring is so easy. With up to 48 active channels and up to 80 inputs on the stage, the V-Mix system will handle even the largest worship team and platform requirements.

Now, Roland has taken convenience and performance even further by integrating on-stage personal monitoring with this system. The Roland M-48 Live Personal Mixer gives you access to all 40 channels on the mixer! Now you can really get the exact mix you want for each individual performer. The Roland V-Mix and M-48 systems are very configurable, so please work closely with your CCI Solutions Technology Expert to get the exact system that fits your needs. See More Details >>

#2 - Best Digital Mixer with easy TouchScreen and iPad control

Yamaha M7CL

Hands down, our most popular 48 channel digital mixer. Actually, 48 microphone plus 4 stereo line inputs for total of 56 inputs! 16 mix busses plus 8 matrix busses give you lots of options for on-stage monitoring. We've designed this mixer into systems with two whole universes of Aviom on stage monitor mixes, 60 inputs on the stage and still had room for effects. The large touch-screen control makes it an easy mixer to learn and operate for volunteers. Yamaha has stage boxes and remote preamps for a full eco-system of expandability. Best of all, Yamaha has designed a complete iPad interface for the M7CL. Now, you can walk up on stage and have access to all of the mixer settings, including patchable graphic EQ's! With one trip, you can do a complete monitor setup. How much time will that give you back during a hectic sound check or rehearsal? Big power, lots of channels and iPad control. No wonder it's still our most popular large frame digital mixing console. See More Details >>

#1 - Best All-in-One Digital Mixer with Pro Tools Integration

Digidesign VENUE SC48

We love the whole VENUE line of digital mixers. For those of you who edit on Pro Tools and have a library of plug-ins, this is your mixer. The SC48 is the all-in-one version of the VENUE D-Show system mixers that are on tour with No Doubt, Maroon 5 and Michael Buble.

With full Pro Tools integration, you can record all of the input channels individually during a rehearsal or sound check. After the band leaves, you simply play back the recording and continue to refine your EQ, effects and mix. No more band members playing flat and singers dropping their mics because they're tired! You get the mix you want, then simply recall it for the service. Innovative workflows allow you to focus on the mix instead of operating the board.

We've installed VENUE consoles into several church systems and everyone raves about the ease of operation and most of all, the quality of the final mix. 48 mic inputs, 16 aux sends, 8 groups and 8 matrices give you all of the I/O you can handle. If you really need more, then simply step up to the D-Show VENUE system with integrated digital snake and stage box system for up to 96 mic/line inputs. See More Details >>