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DMX Distributors & Splitters

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Elation (DMX-BRANCH/4 ) DMX-Branch 4 DMX Distributor

Elation (DMX-BRANCH/4 ) DMX-Branch 4 DMX Distributor 4 DMX outputs

4-way DMX distributor, I DMX input, 4 DMX outputs

The Elation DMX-Branch 4 is a handy device that takes a single DMX 3-pin or 5-pin input and multiplies it to 4 isolated outputs (either DMX 3-pin or 5-pin). This allows you to split your DMX into 4 directions to reach all the lights on your stage. Having 4 DMX lines alleviates the messy daisy-chain cable runs and makes it easier to plan fixture placement.


  • 4-way DMX distributor, 1 x DMX Input, 4 x DMX outputs & 1 DMX thru
  • Electronic & Opto isolated
  • 3 & 5 pin XLR DMX connectors
  • Data + & Data LED indicators
  • Linkable with other DMX Branch x 4 units via 3 or 5 pin XLR.
  • Link out/Terminate button
  • 50mA internal fuse
  • 3/16 Threaded hole for clamp
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Chauvet DJ CDJ-DATASTREAM4 DMX-512 Optical Splitter

Chauvet DJ DMX-512 Optical Splitter

    The Data Stream 4 by Chauvet DJ is a universal DMX-512 optical splitter designed to distribute the incoming DMX signal, in daisy chain configurations, into four separate outputs with an additional "thru" port.


  • Universal, optical DMX splitter provides 4 outputs from a single input
  • Increase flexibility with 3- and 5-pin connections for each input/output
  • Increase operation with additional 3- and 5-pin output for linking other Data Stream™ 4 units
  • Electrical isolation between input and output
  • Conveniently mount with a shorter cable run using the single space (1U) mounting rack
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Elation Opto Branch 4 DMX Distributor

Elation Opto Branch 4 DMX Distributor Splits DMX Signal into 4 Outputs

Rackmountable 4-Way distributor with 3- and 5-Pin DMX Connections

The Elation Professional Opto Branch 4 is an elegant 4-way DMX distributor that fits into a standard 19" rack and features a 3- or 5-pin DMX input and 4 DMX outputs with 1 DMX thru. All outputs are electronically and optically isolated to prevent possible crosstalk or signal issues. Use the Opto Branch 4 to efficiently send DMX control data to all your connected light fixtures, making it easy to manage your setup!


  • 4-way DMX distributor
  • 19" rack mountable - single space
  • One DMX input, Four DMX outputs, and ONe DMX Thru
  • All outputs are electronically & optically isolated
  • 3- and 5-pin XLR DMX connectors
  • Data + and Data - LED indicators
  • Linkable with other Opto Branch 4 units via 3- or 5-pin XLR
  • Link out/terminate button for troubleshooting
  • 50mA internal fuse
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Blizzard Lighting Pipeline DMX Distributor

Blizzard Lighting Pipeline DMX Distributor 8-Way DMX Distributor

8-way distributor

The unit has two inputs and eight outputs. It features absolute electrical isolation between input and outputs, and between all of the outputs. There are two types of DMX connectors (3-pin) for each individual channel. Each DMX output features an independent driver. With the Pipeline™ you can run up to 32 units per one output channel.


  • Fully compliant to DMX-512 (1990)
  • 3pin & 5pin DMX Input and DMX Thru
  • 100% electrical isolation between in/output
  • 100% electronic isolation between output/output
  • Signal & power LED indicator for each output
  • Termintor resistor switch for end of a DMX chain
  • Power input via IEC connector on rear panel
  • Removable rack wings for Rack mount or wall mount
  • Anodized aluminum front panel
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Elation Opto Branch 8 DMX Distributor

Elation Opto Branch 8 DMX Distributor 8 Separate Outputs

Rackmountable 8-Channel DMX Splitter/Amplifier with 5-Pin DMX Connections

The Elation OPTO BRANCH 8 is a 19" single rack space, 8-way DMX distributor/booster with 5-pin XLR input and output jacks. This unit takes the incoming DMX signal and splits it to eight separate outputs, each providing a total electrical isolation of up to 1000V between different branches in a daisy chain group. This greatly decreases problems with ground loops and efficiently buffers and magnifies the DMX signal, making it more accurate and reliable. All outputs include 5-pin XLR sockets, which are electronically isolated from each other to ensure uninterrupted data.


  • 8-way DMX data splitter / fully DMX512 (1990) compliant
  • Buffers / Distributes DMX data reliably
  • DMX status LED indicator
  • (1) 5-pin Neutrik XLR isolated input
  • (1) 5-pin Neutrik XLR passive loop output
  • (8) 5-pin Neutrik XLR isolated outputs
  • Auto switching power supply / powerCON input
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Elation OPTO BRANCH 6 RJ45 DMX Branch

Elation OPTO BRANCH 6 RJ45 DMX Branch 6-Way DMX/RDM Data Splitter/Amplifier

19" Rack-Mountable 6-Way DMX/RDM Data Splitter / Amplifier

The Elation Professional OPTO BRANCH 6 RJ45 is a 19" rack-mountable 6-way DMX/RDM data splitter / amplifier with Neutrik EtherCON/RJ45 master input and output, a link / terminate button for easy troubleshooting, (6) Neutrik EtherCON/RJ45 isolated outputs, and an auto switching power supply (100-240v 50/60Hz). This 6-channel unit is designed to send control data to any light fixtures connected to it via its EtherCON connections, making this an incredibly useful tool for your networked stage lighting setup.


  • Neutrik EtherCON master input/output
  • Link / Terminate button for easy troubleshooting
  • (6) isolated Neutrik EtherCON outputs
  • Auto switching power supply
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Pathway (9017 ) DMX Repeater

Pathway (9017 ) DMX Repeater 

DMX splitter with 8 outputs, direct DMX thru, spare transceiver and opto-coupler

The Pathway DMX Repeater is a repeater that allows you to fan out up to 8 DMX signals from a single device, while providing isolation from line faults. The work-horse DMX Repeater has been beefed up even further. Now sporting eight outputs, instead of six, in a rugged cast aluminum housing that will withstand extreme abuse.And just in case, each box ships with a spare transceiver and opto-coupler inside.


  • 8 outputs
  • Ships with spare set of transceiver and opto-coupler chips for field repairs
  • No fuses, self resetting data links
  • Direct DMX thru
  • Termination switch
  • ETL Listed
  • 2500V Opto isolation between input and output signals
  • 250V fault protection on inputs and outputs
  • DMX present indicator
  • DMX512A compliant
  • Gold plated XLR contacts
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Pathway (9115) DMX Repeater Pro

Pathway (9115) DMX Repeater Pro Front 5 pin XLR

Professional level DMX splitter with RDM support

The Pathway DMX Repeater Pro is a professional level DMX opto-splitter with a suite of powerful features, including RDM support. Ideal for piling a remote focus unit on top of a console, or a mobile console on top of an architectural controller. Plus DMX troubleshooting and full RDM controller features accessible from the front panel. Discover end devices, change their DMX start addresses and personalities - real RDM functionality from your opto-splitter.


  • Silent operation
  • 8 outputs
  • RDM discovery and end device management from the front panel
  • RDM can be disabled on a port-by-port basis to accommodate older equipment
  • Merge two controllers without any additional gear
  • Automatically switch a console between locations by simply unplugging and replugging the console
  • Units running in different modes can be chained together
  • Fully configurable from the front display
  • DMX output speed and signal loss behavior are user-selectable, including hold forever
  • Monitor incoming DMX signal levels in real time
  • Self-resetting over-voltage protection on all ports
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