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DMX Terminators

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Elation DMX T Pack

Elation DMX T Pack 110-Ohm Terminator (3-Pin & 5-Pin)

3- and 5-Pin DMX Terminator Set

The Elation DMX T Pack is a 3-pin and 5-pin professional-grade DMX terminator set, designed to be used for fixture installations with extended DMX cable distances or for electrically noisy environments. By connecting a DMX terminator to the output XLR socket of the last fixture in your lighting chain, it helps to prevent corruption of the digital control signals by electrical noise or interference.

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Hosa DMT-414

Hosa DMT-414 Terminator

DMX512 terminator, 3-pin

This adaptor is designed to terminate a 3-pin DMX-512 daisy chain. It features a 120-ohm resistor for a safe termination.


  • Use on the last device in a 3-pin DMX512 daisy chain to terminate the chain
  • Features a 120-ohm resistor to terminate a 3-pin DMX512 daisy chain
  • Use with Hosa EBU-100 110-ohm cables
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Hosa DMT-485

Hosa DMT-485 Terminator

XLR 5-pin terminator, 120-ohm resistor

The Hosa DMT-485 DMX Terminator is a 5-pin device used for 5- contact XLR jacks. Use on last DMX device in the chain for proper termination. Hosa cables are built with the hard-working, hard-touring musician or audio professional in mind. Hosa cables are exceedingly popular, due in part to their reputation as being one of the most affordable and high-quality cable lines in the business.


  • Type: DMX cable terminator
  • Connector: XLR-M (5-pin)
  • 120-ohm resistor, for terminating a DMX-512 daisy chain
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Elite Core (VRLDMXTERMINATR) DMX Terminator

Elite Core (VRLDMXTERMINATR) DMX Terminator 

3 Pin And 5 Pin

VRL DMX terminators are used as the last component in a chain of DMX lighting fixtures. Simply plug one of the terminators into the output of the last light in the chain and the master controller knows that the chain is complete.

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DFD TERM-5 110-Ohm Terminator (3-Pin & 5-Pin)

5-pin DMX terminator with LED

The DFD TERM-5 DMX Terminator plugs into the XLR feed-through connector of the final DMX512 device on a control cable. It improves signal reliability by preventing reflections and reducing ringing. A "happy" LED indicates a strong signal. Three Tranzorb transient-absorbing diodes suppress spikes caused by electrical storms. Radio frequency interference (RFI) is bypassed to chassis by the .001uF capacitance of the Tranzorb diode.

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