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DMX Test Equipment

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DFD DMX512 Line Tester

DFD DMX512 Line Tester line tester

Line tester, 5-pin (male), +/-data red and green LED indicators, 1.9” x 0.8”

The DFD DMX512 Line Tester instantly displays the presence of the +Data and -Data signals when plugged into a DMX control line or feed-through connector. It serves as a perfect pocket sized tool for troubleshooting DMX512 cabling. Observing the indicators while fading all the dimmers from zero to full will detect if either line is stuck high. Swapped +Data and -Data lines can be determined by sending all dimmers to full.


  • 5-pin male connector
  • Data + green T1 light emitting diode (LED) indicator
  • Data - red T1 light emitting diode (LED) indicator
  • Effective input impedance: 220 Ohms (each line)
  • Power input: none, draws power from DMX line
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