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Elite Core Audio Snakes

Elite Core Audio Snakes

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Everybody's looking for a great, low-cost snake but something's that built of high quality. Snakes take a lot of abuse as you drag 'em around on the platform. Snakes come from 50 foot, 100 foot, even 200 foot lengths run from the front of house back to the stage or in some cases on the stage. They do get a lot of abuse. We've found a great one here with Elite Core. Elite Core uses Neutrik Y/S connectors. They are super quality. So you can see right here, these are metal type connectors. Built on a nice solid metal box. Plenty of room to get your hand so you can go ahead and plug those in... as so you can see, plenty of room on that connector, boom....If I have a lot of these, I can easily get in there and get out. The Neutrik Y/S series connector is also on this end as well, Everything is securely strain-relieved. and on the end, it's all heat-shrunk. You've got a super high quality snake, at a super reasonable price. Take a look at the Elite Core Snake Series.