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Entertainment Acoustics

Collaborative Expertise for Superb Acoustics

It takes thoughtful planning and insight to achieve great sounding acoustics The sort of acoustics that can enrich the multitude of performances your facility must support. The kind you only get when they're built into the building structure right from the start.

At CCI Solutions, we understand the acoustics of performance-oriented facilities and what's required to perfect them.

Experience and Follow Through

We're adept at determining the acoustical characteristics of a planned space. We know which construction materials are best suited to the overall goals of the venue. We collaborate with architects, the design team and builders on the most efficient methods to accomplish the acoustical attributes the space requires.

The Sound You Want, Naturally

With our expertise, your venue gets the results that artists, presenters, audiences and booking agents expect and demand. Full, natural sounding acoustics, unblemished by unforeseen defects and acoustical flaws.

Entertainment Sound

The people at CCI Solutions are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I can talk to someone who knows what I need and the prices are right too!
Ryan Hunzie
Programming Director First Presbyterian Church