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Entertainment Sound

Making an Indelible Connection

Sound. It can make or break the success of your venue. The sounds someone attending an important sales presentation responds to are worlds apart from what one expects to hear during an evening of Shakespeare. But when those sounds are pure, immediate and authentic, the result is the same. Instead of just attending an event, people are drawn fully into it, losing themselves completely in the moment. In short, the right sound makes an indelible connection that people will pay again and again to experience.

That's what you want to achieve in your venue, and that's precisely what you get with our sound systems.

Clear, Unvarnished Sound

Creating high-performance sound systems for multi-purpose venues is what we do best. We design and install sound reinforcement systems that produce clear, gorgeous sound and capture speech, vocal and musical performances with equal precision, even at high decibel levels.

Uncompromising Standards

Our speaker arrays and enclosures, control consoles, microphone systems, and production intercom solutions are designed for maximum impact, versatility and utility. We fabricate systems using the highest quality components and hardware available. We ensure that our systems are properly installed and that they blend aesthetically and functionally with all of the other presentation systems in your facility. We design our systems for optimal ease of use and make certain that your production and maintenance crews are fully trained in all aspects of their operation.

Presentation Audio/Visual

If I call some other place that isn't familiar with how churches operate, then I don't get solutions customized for my situation like I do at CCI!
Kelly Olp
Faith Chapel Foursquare