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Gator Roller Rack Series (Non-powered)

Gator Roller Rack Non-powered Series Racks
Gator is the original case manufacturer to add built-in wheels and pull out handles to the rack mount case. They took the high quality construction and design of their deluxe racks and strategically placed roller blade style wheels and a pull out handle. The best part is that the wheels do not interfere with the universal stack-ability of these racks! The pull out handle has a locking mechanism to hold the handle firmly in place when in the extended position. Another example of Gator building user-friendly products at an affordable price!

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Gator Gator Cases GRR-8L Roller Rack Case

Gator Gator Cases GRR-8L Roller Rack Case Molded Polyethylene Equipment Rack

8 Space Rack with Wheels & Pull Handle

    The Gator GRR-8L is an 8RU molded PE rolling rack case that is equipped with a telescoping handle and recessed wheels. This case is made with lightweight polyethylene construction and includes front and rear threaded, field-replaceable 7 mm zinc-plated steel rack rails. You also get heavy-duty twist latches and recessed side handles, which all adds up to a rugged rack case that you can take on the road without worrying that your rack gear will be damaged in transit.


  • Lightweight polyethylene construction
  • Threaded, field-replaceable 7 mm zinc-plated steel rack rails
  • Front and rear rack rails
  • Heavy-duty twist latches
  • Comfortable recessed side handles
  • Rugged pull-out telescoping handle
  • Roller blade-style wheels
  • Locking lids
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Gator Gator Cases GRR-10L Roller Rack Case

Gator Gator Cases GRR-10L Roller Rack Case Molded Polyethylene Rack Case

Equipment rack, 10 space with wheels & pull handle

    For added convenience and mobility, Gator designed this 10-space Roller Rack with a heavy duty retractable handle and precision ball bearing wheels.


  • Rugged pull-out handle
  • Roller blade style recessed wheels
  • Lightweight polyethylene construction
  • Front & rear rack rails
  • Threaded field replacable 7mm zinc plated steel rack rails
  • Locking lids
  • Heavy duty twist latches
  • Comfortable recessed side handles
  • Heat treated 10/32 bolts with protective washers included

  • Interiror Front Rail to Rear Rail Distance: 16.75"
  • Interior Front Rail to Rear Lid: 19"
  • Interior Lid Depth: 2.25"
  • Exterior Dimensions: 20" x 21.5" x 22.75"
  • Weight: 23 lbs
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