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How to make your sermon CD's great

You've been doing a good job of recording your sermons and distributing them on CDs to your congregation. The content is relevant and sound quality is good and people are blessed by listening to the sermons on CD. What if you could make the CDs even more effective to your listeners? Read on!

Recording your sermons and distributing them to your congregation via CD is a wonderful ministry. Many people like to take the CD and listen to it over and over again in order to better grasp the message. Others like to listen to the message and then give it away to bless someone else. Regardless of what your congregation does with the recorded message it is obviously an important tool that deserves your best efforts.

Great CD Sermons need to be carefully recorded on quality equipment. Hopefully you are using industry standard recorders such as the Tascam CD-RW901SL or the Marantz CDR633, or maybe you are using a quality recording interface to record straight to a computer. Both options provide unique benefits and challenges. If you don't have an effective way to create your sermon masters, give us a call and we can discuss what solution would be best for you.

In order to duplicate the highest quality CDs for your media ministry you need superior blank CDs and a reliable way to duplicate your CDs for distribution also.

If you are not already using some audio processing to improve the sound quality and clarity of your sermon recordings you are missing a key component to great sounding CDs. We have some excellent solutions for improving the quality of all your important vocals like those of your pastor and worship leaders.

Once you have a good master recording, there is still one step left that will take your CDs from good to great! When a pastor delivers a message they usually use some kind of outline. Imagine having the ability to create tracks on your master CD that correspond to your pastor's outline. This would make it easier for listeners to find key spots on the CD time and time again.

In the past people have tried to accomplish this by setting track points on their CD burner during the service on the fly. To do this, someone has to sit at the recorder with a copy of the pastor's sermon outline and hit the track marker button (if there is one on the machine they're using) precisely at the beginning of each section of the sermon. Of course pastors are known to wander off their outline at times so the person hitting the button would need to be very familiar with how the pastor preaches and would need to pay close attention to the sermon as it progresses. Since the adoption of the CD for sermon recordings, we have fielded a number of calls from people wanting an easier and more flexible way to do this.

We developed a simple solution that uses software on your computer combined with our EZ Step-by-Step guide so you can take your recorded CD or digital file and quickly and simply put in the track breaks to create your master CD. While you're at it you can easily trim out announcements or comments not necessary for the CD. We've also included EZ Step-by-Step instructions on improving the sound quality and clarity of your sermon so the message has the maximum impact. To learn more about our Sermon CD Package, call and talk to one of our experts at 1-800-426-8664.

So what makes a great CD Sermon? Great content recorded properly on the right equipment, on the right media with a track index that follows the sermon outline.