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How to trouble-shoot audio cables

No matter how much you spend on the components that make up your sound system you will always depend on the cables that connect them. Quality cables are a good place to start and the right type of cable for the job is second in a line of good ideas. Next comes regular testing of your cables to keep the dropouts from happening durring a performance.

Having a mic cut out in mid sentence or during a song is extremely distracting and unnerving at best. This can cause the performer more grief than the audience at times and should be avoided if possible. If you are involved with the sound in your space you can spend a small amount of money and a little time to keep this from happening. We recommend a cable tester to keep ahead of the dropout game. Some testers will tell you if the cable is bad but make it hard to diagnose the intermittent problems. Both the testers on this solution page will handle most connections available today and allow you to wiggle the cable to duplicate the dropouts.

It is a good practice to test your cables on a regular basis. This can range from once every few months to once a week depending on how often the cable is used.

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