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Worship Technology

Installation-Sound, Lighting, Video

Bringing Dreams to Fruition

You've undertaken the painstaking task of examining the needs of your ministry, of choosing an architect, and making the countless decisions required to design the perfect worship presentation systems for your church. The successful execution of those designs deserves as great a commitment, if not a greater one.

Bringing your hopes and dreams to fruition is the mission of our installation staff at CCI Solutions.

The Fine Art of Implementation

In addition to being NICET certified, our technicians are first and foremost craftspeople. Many are woodworkers, artisans and musicians. Doing things the right way is the only way they approach any task.

They're known for their artful, functional and safe installation of complex sound, lighting and video systems. As true construction technicians, they know their way around a job site, how to keep things moving on time and how to make complex design documents easy for those in other trades to understand. That's a valuable asset on any construction site.

Pride of Ownership

Our spiritual commitment to serve the worship community shows in everything we do. That translates into a high level of dedication and pride of ownership throughout the installation process. From project planning to coordination to schedule creation and communications, we provide comprehensive and rigorous project management. We're sticklers for detail and make regular trips to the job site to ensure that the building infrastructure is being installed according to plan. We back those visits with the expertise to respond quickly as changing conditions demand.

Systems Commissioning

Our installations are not complete until all systems have been fully commissioned. This means ensuring that all speakers, microphones, lights, cameras, switchers, video projection screens, cabling—-in short, all elements of your system—have been properly tuned and adjusted and are ready to operate.

The final step in our installation process involves training, which you can learn about here.

Systems Team

If I call some other place that isn't familiar with how churches operate, then I don't get solutions customized for my situation like I do at CCI!
Kelly Olp
Faith Chapel Foursquare