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Lake City Community Church

You’ve Got To Check These Guys Out!

Lake City Community Church had many options for the company to hire as their integrator for the Sound, Video, & Lighting and Acoustical Consulting. Tod Hornby Associate Pastor of Worship & Arts, describes the Church’s decision to partner with CCI Solutions with no regrets based on several factors. Tod recalls, “We had a lot of choices. We were going to go with CCI from the very beginning based upon reputation. I heard from many people who have used CCI, they had been fantastic and the clients had been incredibly happy.

"We also had in mind, and we had received counsel about this, we were going to use one company to do all disciplines; meaning the Sound, Video and Lighting."

Lake City Community Church chooses CCI Solutions to design and install their Church Sound and Church Lighting Systems.

Lake City met with Ron Simonson, CCI Solutions’ President and CEO and determined CCI was the kind of company their church needed to help them accomplish their ministry goals and work with architect and various contractors which had already been hired. “Ron Simonson was just a joy to work with,” Tod Hornby asserts “From of a design/build aspect, Ron worked so well with our architect and our business administrator and did a great job. He was flexible CCI Solutions to help Lake City Community Church accomplish their ministry goals.and he definitely knows his stuff; I mean the guy really KNOWS his stuff. He was able to make recommendations but also was able to work within our workflow which was not always the same as other churches and we were able to customize a lot of things."

"A strength which continues to set CCI Solutions apart from the competition is their installers and technicians. They are not contracted out to other companies, but are full-time CCI employees who are directly accountable to the CCI Solutions Project Manager and Consultants. Some have been working together as a team for over 30 years. The team works seamlessly together on every project and have developed a cohesiveness and professional demeanor which keeps them together on the jobsite and beyond." Tod states, “The guys on a job site like this can be a ‘make-it or break-it’ deal for any company doing this kind of work. The CCI Solutions guys were top notch. The techs were obviously well trained, but also very personable & relational too. CCI was not just making a sale and moving on to the next church sound project.They got along well with all our other subcontractors especially when things got kind of crazy, which was huge because we had some bizarre scheduling going on. They were able to bend and be flexible. On a job-site and in a project, there’s always finger pointing and with CCI, we never saw any finger pointing. I never saw any of that, I only saw a ‘can-do’ attitude no matter what distractions or interruptions existed. They made it happen.”

“CCI Solutions is not just about making the sale and moving on to the next client. They’ve been on the other side of these types of ventures and vow to be the type of organization that genuinely cares about the churches they serve and continue emphasize customer service, quality, integrity and loyalty. CCI cares about each and every church they partner with and cheer for their effectiveness in ministry. That’s their ministry. Tod Hornby Associate Pastor said CCI has provided an excelent church sound and lighting system and the service was outstanding.This emphasis was evident to Lake City.” Tod recalls CCI Solutions’ service after the sale. “CCI has been very accessible, before and after the job was completed. I have been able to get to the Top Guy (Ron Simonson) with just a phone call. Emails and phone messages are answered promptly and that made it extremely easy to recommend CCI to another church in Spokane, WA. They were in a project where they weren’t getting phone calls and emails returned and it was important to them that they have a contracting company that would stay in contact with them. I said to them ‘you NEED to get a hold of CCI Solutions’ and you made it very easy to recommend you to them. I said to them, ‘you’ve got to check these guys out, because they’re GOOD.’ We couldn’t be happier and we’d recommend CCI again in a heartbeat, especially for a big build like this!”

The people at CCI Solutions are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I can talk to someone who knows what I need and the prices are right too!
Ryan Hunzie
Programming Director First Presbyterian Church