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Nursery Paging Systems

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nursery Pagers

Choosing a Nursery Paging System for Your Church


Sometimes a parent is the only person who can stop a child’s tears. And while nothing can improve upon that parent-child bond, technology is at least improving the way church nursery facilities alert parents about their children’s woes – without disrupting the services for the rest of the congregation.Nursery paging system

Outside of sending a messenger — which, of course, catches everyone else’s attention as well — the easiest way to alert a parent is to install a simple numeric paging system with an LED monitor prominently displayed in the worship hall, not unlike the “now serving” numeric display at most drivers licensing bureaus. When parents leave their children at the care facility, they’re assigned a number; if the care center worker punches that number into a transmitter from the nursery, the number lights up the LED display and the parents are summoned to the care center.

This is a simple, effective, and above all affordable system for paging individual audience members out of the worship hall. However, the sign is not always aesthetically coordinated with the look and feel of the church, and it can be distracting for watchful parents as well as the rest of the congregation.

A more attractive twist on this basic idea is to use the nursery call feature that is available in most popular church presentation software. Instead of installing a separate monitor, the paging numbers are punched into the computer and discreetly projected in a corner of the main video display.

For churches that are already using a presentation software package for media-intensive services, this is an even more affordable and attractive nursery call solution because it’s probably already included in your software.

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need a way for the care facility to communicate alerts to the computer operator in charge of the main projection, so you may need to explore some sort of intercom system if you don’t already have one.

What’s more, if video is only used during worship, then a video-based nursery call system will not provide discreet paging for the remainder of the service.

The most advanced nursery call solution on the market is quickly becoming more affordable for churches: personal paging systems. J-Tech Rapid Call ReceiverWhen parents check in their children at the care facility, they receive a vibrating pager to attach to their belt clip or slip into a pocket or purse. At the care facility, a worker uses an RF transmitter to page the parents – even from across campus – without distracting anyone else in the congregation.

Although these transmitter and receiver units have a higher upfront cost, their additional features and applications can quickly justify the J-Tech Transmitterexpense. For starters, parents will appreciate receiving the page immediately and discreetly wherever they are – in a hallway or restroom, teaching Sunday school, or participating in an adult class – not just the worship hall.

In addition, the pager units can double as a remote staff communications system for security, production or special events. A vibrating page can merely cue a camera operator or prompt the parking lot security person to check in at the office, or an alphanumeric pager can enable greater communication among staff.

Every system has its own special benefits and limitations – and the rapid pace of new technologies means that systems and prices are always improving – so be sure to consult with one of our experts at 1-800-562-6006 to discuss your exact situation and needs. Browse our list of paging products by clicking here.