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Worship Technology

Presentation Audio/Visual

State-of-the-Art Meets Common Sense

Video is an enormously powerful tool for enhancing an experience. It enlarges the impact of a live performance, adds dynamic energy to presentations and makes a group experience a personal one for everyone in attendance. With the rapid evolution of video technology, it's more critical than ever to have someone on board who not only understands the medium of video, but who can apply it wisely to create a complete system that gives you the most bang for your buck.

CCI Solutions is your answer!

Great Results Come from Years of Experience

Corporate boardrooms, meeting facilities, teleconference centers, training facilities and large auditoriums-all have very specific requirements when it comes to video systems. Sure, our system designers and technicians stay ahead of the curve in video technology. But more importantly, they rely on years of practical, common sense experience to fashion video systems that ideally suit their intended use. As a result, you get crystal clear images with computer grade resolution. With our extensive knowledge of all aspects of presentation technology, you also get a video system that works in tandem with your lighting and sound systems.

Cost-Conscious Strategies

Cost is always an issue when it comes to video, so we're extremely diligent in our pursuit of the most cost-efficient strategies for achieving the results you want. We create flexible, scalable systems that encompass the full range of projectors & cameras and the production and editing equipment that support them. In addition, our systems are compatible with your other investments in presentation technologies such as computer-driven graphics systems.

Elegant Installations

In all of our executions, we take great pains to ensure that your presentation equipment, controls and cabling are aesthetically integrated into the architectural design of your facility. That might mean crafting a mahogany lectern for your control system or a recessed projection screen that seamlessly disappears from view. Whatever it takes, we do it. And, as with all of our technology systems, we ensure that your production staff is completely trained.

Theatrical Lighting

If I call some other place that isn't familiar with how churches operate, then I don't get solutions customized for my situation like I do at CCI!
Kelly Olp
Faith Chapel Foursquare