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It All Comes Down to One Word: WOW!

Wow! That's what you want to hear people say about events in your venue. We help make sure they do. Our acoustical consulting and systems for CD quality sound and larger-than-life video add emotional power and immediacy to any performance or presentation.

What Sets Us Apart

Breadth of Experience and Expertise

They say experience is the best teacher. Over the past 25 years, we've had some outstanding instructors. Convention centers, corporate meeting rooms, NBA arenas, and world-class symphony halls, to name just a few. Along the way, we've become highly regarded for our ability to accommodate the unique acoustical, sound and video requirements of diverse, multipurpose facilities. The size of our projects may vary. Our professionalism and dedication to excellence never does.

Versatility & Capability

Whether you need a consultant to augment your designs or a trusted contractor to help you land bids, CCI Solutions delivers. Our in-house capabilities encompass consulting, design-build, contracting, and project management. Indeed, we're recognized as industry leaders in each area. That means we're able to bring the ideal combination of skills to bear on projects of any size and complexity.


In our experience, no matter how large or prominent the facility, it's the small details that count the most. Everything down to the quality of the bolts that secure the rigging must be top notch. Indeed, quality is an obsession for our entire organizationand a vital ingredient in the success of high-profile, high-expectation projects.

Sound, Lighting and AV Consulting