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RenewedVision (ALPHAKEY) Alpha Keying Module for ProPresenter Software

DSK functions, output separate key / fills channels for broadcast quality switchers, NDI output for video over ethernet

The RenewedVison ProPresenter Alpha Keying is a software module that unlocks the ability to create an advanced, broadcast quality Key / Fill solution for those who have switchers that support this ability. This allows ProPresenter to output two separate channels of video, one being an alpha channel, the other being the fill for the keyed alpha channel.


  • Output separate Key / Fill channels for broadcast quality switchers
  • Internal Downstream Key (DSK) functions downstream of a switcher
  • NDI Output for video over Ethernet (requires an NDI receiver to decode and use video stream)

*Requires a Thunderbolt equipped Mac with a Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D or UltraStudio 4k (sold separately below) or PC with similar Blackmagic equipment.

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RenewedVision (MIDI MODULE MAC) ProPresenter MIDI Module for Mac

Control ProPresenter remotely by MIDI devices via the network

The ProPresenter MIDI Module allows ProPresenter to be remotely controlled by MIDI devices via the network. Each Module purchased can be used by only one machine and is keyed to that system. If users move to a new machine, it must be removed from that system and re-keyed to another.

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RenewedVision (MLTI-SCREEN MDL) ProPresenter Multi-Screen Module for Mac or Windows

Control 2 to 3 screens depending on which Matrox unit is being used

The RenewedVision Multi-Screen Module enables ProPresenter to control 2 or 3 screens, depending on which Matrox unit is being used(DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go). These products are sold separately and are required for this solution. The Multi-Screen Module can be purchased for both Mac or Windows

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Renewed Vision ProPresenter 6 Presentation Software

Renewed Vision ProPresenter 6 Presentation Software for Mac or Windows

Plays well with others, iOS/Android remote controller, easy to use but very powerful

The ProPresenter 6 is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric and media presentation package from Renewed Vision built specifically to make high-quality live production applications easier, such as worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, and studio broadcasts.

The ProPresenter 6 operators control presentations on one screen while dynamically presenting to an audience on one or more additional outputs. This means there is no separate "edit mode" or "presentation mode," outputs are always live, and editing of one presentation can be done while another is being viewed.


  • Easy to use but very powerful (video tutorials available online here)
  • Re-engineered video engine for extraordinary output quality
  • Instant importing & playing of videos
  • Functions include color, brightness, volume, crop/zoom, setting in & out points, high quality transitions & slide flexibility such as independent control over backgrounds, live video layers, slides, props, & masks thanks to multi-layered architecture
  • All tools usable on live video sources
  • Dynamic slide "tickers" that enable news-channel style scrolling messages across screen
  • Dynamic content overlaying on props layer - for logos or notifications (Ex. parent notices, miss-parked car, etc.)
  • Telestrator function for drawing on slides or videos dynamically, either on computer or via ProPresenter Remote iOS app
  • Stage display output to communicate important info to those on stage (clock, timers, current slide, next slide, slide notes, & stage announcements)
  • House of worship specific content creation features such as importing service plans, scripture engine with dozens of Bible translations, importing worship lyrics, & Media Store for finding content for services
  • A host of optional modules (sold separately) for additional control, projection, channel, & outputting options

Be sure to check out the video for more information!

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RenewedVision ProVideoPlayer (PVP) HD Software

RenewedVision ProVideoPlayer (PVP) HD Software for Mac

High definition, comprehensive scheduling engine, connect as many displays as your computer can handle

The ultimate solution for video playback designed specifically for Mac. The RenewedVision ProVideoPlayer manages an unlimited number of clips in an unlimited number of playlists. It gives a tremendous amount of control to the playback of these video clips including Hue, Brightness, Saturation, Start/Stop times, and speed, either on a global or per-clip basis. With the incredible flexibility for cutting up, rotating, and resizing individual sections of videos, there is no limit to what kind of visual display users are capable of creating.

ProVideoPlayer (HD) supports any resolution output you may desire. Its limit is based on the resolution of the hardware on which you are running (current Macs support up to a maximum of 4096 x 4096). High resolution support is useful if you desire to present High-Definition content, or if you want to create across multiple screens from a single machine, such as 3-screen presentations with a Matrox TripleHead2Go.


  • Connect as many displays as your computer can handle (DVI, HDMI, VGA, and more)
  • Media triggered in any layer can be mapped to one or more screens
  • Easily change target sets on any given layer at any time and save this mapping as part of the cue so content always plays exactly the way you want it
  • If projection onto a ultra-wide or ultra-tall screen is needed, PVP3 can generate vertical or horizontal edge blends from right within the application
  • For odd angles, corner pinning tools make filling the screen easy
  • When outputs or screens are identified, the name of the output, the signal type, and the signal format are shown

Get Your RenewedVision Software in One to Two Days! We'll send you the authorization code and a link to download your new RenewedVision software in 1 to 2 business days. You won't need to wait for a box to be delivered, you'll be up and running right away and you'll save money with no shipping charges! How cool is that!

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