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Rogers High School

Jeff Miller, our ace lighting guy and certified ETC lighting tech, recently created the lighting design for Rogers High School's production of "Phantom of the Opera". This is one of the first Phantom productions produced by a high school drama department in the United States. Under the direction of drama teacher Bill Wornofsky, the Rogers troupe has created an outstanding production which sold out all performances.

Jeff Miller created the plot, supervised the hang and focus, as well as performed the programming of the lighting console. Jeff used ETC's ION console and Selador LED theatrical lights in the hang.

An ION console was demonstrated to the theatrical department and eventually purchased from CCI Solutions. Greg Hearns, a CCI Solutions Consultant arranged pricing from the factory so that Rogers High School could purchase the ION in time for the Phantom show. Greg also worked with Jeff to aquire the ETC Selador LED lighting instruments to the school.

The background of what might appear as just another sound, video or lighting install project for CCI Solutions involves more than just equipment or technical services it involves a story of a student and his high school mentor using their talents to serve a community. It's a story of people investing in students and students having an impact on their community as they become adults. With the chance to go back to Rogers High School to help out his former teacher and mentor at his Alma mater, Jeff Miller is having an impact. As a young high school student, Jeff Miller, fulfilling a high school curriculum assignment, wandered into Bill Wornofsky's Stagecraft class. He had no desire to sing or dance and no ability to act, but he did have an aptitude toward technical skills. It was in this class where Mr. Wornofsky tutored the young man, pointing him in the direction of the technical booth to learn how to run the sound and lighting for the school productions.

It was there, Jeff learned how to build sets, run lights and sound and how to integrate many skills toward an end result - a production.

Little did he know 10 years later, Jeff Miller would return as a journeyman sound and lighting technician with countless quality facilities under his belt to program and design the lighting for one of the schools most technically demanding productions in the school's history. The show was a success with eight consecutive sell-out performances. The CCI Solutions Team was able to provide design services and equipment to a drama department with a vision for its school and a teacher who is willing to take a risk on obtaining equipment and investing in students.

The guys from CCI Solutions are top drawer! They were a delight to work with. They made it all work. CCI Solutions is awesome!
Zane Anderson
Senior Pastor Victory Worship Center