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Sequim Community Church

When Sequim Community Church started the design of its new building, it began with the community in mind. Their multi-use building is used for a wide range of activities including: Community events, Youth events, concerts and a weekly Contemporary Worship Service, which includes Drama Productions, Video Presentations, Practical Messages and Inspiring Music.

The fastest—growing church in the Presbytery of the Pacific, Sequim Community Church has a passion for reaching its community. The exploding growth led Senior Pastor Scott Koenigsaecker to explore new worship facility options and other facility needs of the church. The research of such needs brought a consensus that not only was additional worship space needed, but there were other space issues that needed to be addressed. SCC has an established congregation among Sequim’s large retirement community, but are also very outreach—oriented and have been extremely successful at reaching younger families and youth. A contemporary worship facility was needed for the growing church, but a facilities assessment also raised the awareness of a need for additional space capable of handling large recreation activities, performing arts, and other multi-purpose uses.

To accommodate the diverse need for worship styles, two different worship services were planned in two different worship spaces. The traditional service, taking place in the original building and the new multi-use facility would accommodate the seeker/contemporary service.

The worship service in the new building includes drama presentations, contemporary music, video presentations, and visual teaching aids to enhance the Sunday message. The CCI Solutions staff enjoyed designing a room that required excellence for presentation, yet versatile enough to accommodate the multiple use needs. “We were able to use our creativity and ingenuity to bring all of the systems together,” said CCI project manager Joe Brannberg. Pastor Koenigsaecker said, “We are very proud of what CCI created for us. They designed our high technology, multi-purpose facility with precision and excellence. It is a building that we needed but because there is no other building like it on the North Peninsula, it is a facility like no other. We now receive regular requests to use our facility because the community knows this building's capabilities."

A vital part of SCC’s mission is reaching out into the community. Because the community is such a vital part of the vision of the church, the new building is also used for Aerobics, Dances, Concerts, Drama, Youth Events, Sports Leagues, Dinner Theater, Fashion Shows, Public Presentations, Movies, and Seasonal Events. The uncompromising versatility of the building complements the church's effectiveness in ministry.

When asked about CCI’s expertise and reliability, Senior Pastor Scott Koenigsaecker said, “Nobody can do it all like CCI. Their expertise and experience helped our staff focus on ongoing ministry and not get bogged down with unnecessary details of the building project. They knew exactly what we wanted and how work within our budget.”

SCC’s worship pastor said, “It was very helpful when CCI was able to take such complex equipment and teach my volunteer tech crew how to use it. Novices are hesitant to use equipment like this. CCI made it easier for our volunteers, even our older ones, to use the technology we have. It’s one thing to have such incredible equipment; it’s another thing to actually have the ability to use its capabilities. The best equipment in the world doesn't mean anything if you don't have the skills to make it work. CCI makes it work."

Audio System
For a building with this much versatility, the sound system needed to have ample volume for youth activities and concerts, while at the same time having precision clarity for events like Sunday messages, concerts, and drama productions. Because CCI’s experience includes projects ranging from Benaroya Hall and Safeco Field to church sound systems, CCI was able to accommodate the unique needs of this multiple use space.

The heart of the system is a Yamaha M2500 console, which is housed in a custom cabinet, designed and built specifically for SCC by CCI’s Jon Garrison. The elevated platform, designed and built by CCI’s Joe Brannberg, provides a clear sightline to the stage and ground level listening allowing the sound technician to hear what the audience is hearing. The platform can also be divided into two pieces and rolled into a storage room to maximize floor space and minimize interference for active events. Pastor Koenigsaecker said “The portable audio platform that CCI designed and built especially for us is an irreplaceable asset. It is not only functional but it is an aesthetically beautiful furniture-like piece that blends very well with our vented wood paneling. It also has the ability to be stored in an adjacent area so we can utilize more floor space when needed.” There is also another, smaller, audio mixing console and rolling cabinet for smaller, more active events. This smaller mixer is played through main audio system using the full range of sound the room offers.

The speakers, located in the center-front of the platform, provide sound coverage of the main seating area. The MQ Series represents the next generation of permanent installation loudspeaker systems. Using VA4 Technology developed for the new KF700 Series, the MQ range replaces the MH and BV ranges of Virtual Array systems. The series comprises matched sets of mid/high and low frequency enclosures that enjoy complementary dimensions and trapezoid angles to facilitate the creation of optimized-coverage arrays. Koenigsaecker says, “The sound is clear and very intelligible, there isn’t a dead spot or hot spot in the room."

The MQ2394 uses dual, horn-loaded 10-in midrange cones with a specially–designed geometry that produces a time-coherent wavefront through the upper portion of the midrange that is critical to vocal articulation.

Video System
“You can see a video presentation in broad daylight. Originally, we weren’t sure it would be possible, but CCI designed the placement of the projection units and the screens so our images could be visible any time,” said Koenigsaecker. “This is particularly important to us because of the flood of light that comes from our southwest entrance.” The system is comprised of 2 Sanyo 5000 lumens projectors. Each is equipped with a long throw lens. The devices included a Digital Video Distribution Amp and 2 Direct Digital Transmitter/Direct Digital Recorders to interact with the projection system.

For viewing, two 13X10 retractable video screens were used. The screens operate remotely from the production booth. With the new system, control centers handle input, mixing and direction of a wide range of content to projection screens and monitors within the room. On a typical Sunday service, for example, arriving visitors can view weekly announcements or video presentations while the production crews review the slides for the upcoming service. To synchronize all the above equipment for production purposes, Song Screen computer software is used to display songs, scripture, announcements, nursery numbers and PowerPoint slide shows using a single software application. Song Screen uses two independent monitors on the same computer. One monitor is used for display purposes while the second monitor is used to control the software.

Lighting Control System
To accommodate the theatrical needs of the room, special lighting was designed and installed along the catwalk in the center of the room. This system features an ETC Express 72/144 Microprocessor Control Console. For complex productions it is necessary to have a control console, which can memorize scenes and cues during rehearsals and play them back during the performance.

For rehearsals and many service situations, it is desirable to have manual control capability to respond to unanticipated changes in the direction of the service or program. This is achieved through scene assignments to manual submaster controls, which can be individually accessed by the operator at any time.

The guys from CCI Solutions are top drawer! They were a delight to work with. They made it all work. CCI Solutions is awesome!
Zane Anderson
Senior Pastor Victory Worship Center