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Sermons on YouTube

Over 3,800 Sermon Videos On, Are You There Yet?

Sharing your vision and faith with visitors to your church on DVD or others on online can increase the visibility of your church or ministry.

For some time large churches and ministries have been creating videos to tell their story to visitors on TV, VHS Tape and DVD. Now with the changes in the cost of today's technology and the number of high-speed internet connections available we find churches of all sizes are reaching people through DVD and online video. There are over 3,800 sermons on the popular video website and many more than that referenced in Google. No matter what your budget or technical ability, now you can join the movement to reach people through video presentations.

Armed with a camcorder and our House of Worship Video Toolkit your church or ministry could be on the way to creating professional looking DVD's and web-ready video.

See a short video demo of what you can do with the House of Worship Video Toolkit and the included Sony software

The house of worship video toolkit includes over 4 gigabytes of content and instructions with all the software you need to capture your video, edit, and create the final version for DVD and optimized for web viewing. The included content is valued at more than the price of $119.99, making this a very affordable solution for your church.

To create a professional sermon video follow the list of steps:
  1. Create an intro - Identifies your church, pastor topic, series
  2. Create an ending - Message with contact and meeting times
  3. Record sermon - Use a camcorder to record the sermon
  4. Capture - Upload the sermon video to your computer
  5. Edit - Remove any parts that are not needed
  6. Render - Save for DVD or for web use
  7. Share - Create DVD layout and burn or upload to the web
The Toolkit Includes:
  • Video capturing software
  • Video editing software
  • DVD Authoring software
  • 4 Gigabytes of content
    • Background images
    • Video footage
    • Video loops
    • Templates
    • Background audio
    • Graphics
    • Photoshop files
    • Textures
    • Transparent graphic objects
    • EZ-Step-By-Step Guide for intro's endings
    • EZ-Step-By-Step Guide to create looped video for presentations
  • Share your vision and faith
  • Share your worship experience
  • Show events and outreach programs
  • Teach those that need to be taught
  • Raise donations and project awareness
  • Create a series on a specific topic
  • Reach people that can not come to you
After serving churches and ministries for over thirty years, we understand how important your message is. Working closely with churches has helped us to understand how challenging growth can be when the budget is limited. We sincerely hope that you call us if you have any questions about this or other worship related questions. 1-800-426-8664