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Theatrical Lighting

Your Stage Lighting Is Crucial to Your Theater's Atmosphere

CCI Solutions' team is led by a certified theatrical lighting designer. With thousands of projects completed and decades of experience, we can create for you exactly the right lighting solution that will compliment your venue and thrill the audiences who attend your concerts and productions.

Led by our certified theatrical lighting designer, we craft lighting solutions that enhance the ambience of your facility and give added dimension and texture to your program.

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Dramatic Lighting with Color, Depth & Character

To highlight the architectural features of your concert hall or performing arts center, we know how to work with your architects to enhance structural highlights and points of interest. We know how to design for beauty and function, without compromising either.

On stage, we can bring lighting designs to life that will take all presentations, whether it's for a small chamber music group or a major operatic production, to a higher level of ambient elegance. All this while control of all the "house lighting" is 100 percent integrated with the performance taking place on stage, giving your audience the kind of experience they'll want to have again and again.

Strategic, Smart Lighting Placement

Lighting placement not only enhances your audience's experience, it should enhance communication throughout your venue. CCI Solutions understands how to position your lights in a way that will create depth. This enhances eye contact from performers to the audience and makes their facial expressions much clearer, a crucial element for any dramatic performance!

Theatrical Lighting Training

CCI Solutions finishes the job! Our job doesn't end when the lights go out. As part of every installation, our team works with your technical team, training them how to get the most and best out of your new lighting system. We will work directly with them to make sure they are comfortable and confident in using and implementing lighting design concepts that will transform your space.

Theatrical Lighting System Integration

From the catwalk to the theatrical lighting distribution system, we create a design for you that is fully integrated with your architectural design and all media systems in your venue. You'll never experience lighting placement that bleeds onto your video projection screens or get unpleasant hums in your speaker systems from poorly integrated systems. We want your theater patrons or concert hall fans to be thoroughly wowed every time they attend an event. Being part of that unforgettable experience is our passion!

Keep Your Audiences Coming Back for More with Great Lighting!

The guys from CCI Solutions are top drawer! They were a delight to work with. They made it all work. CCI Solutions is awesome!
Zane Anderson
Senior Pastor Victory Worship Center