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Getting More than You Bargained For — In More Ways than One

Original dramatic performances. Compelling video presentations. Lively music expression. These were the methods that TimberLake Christian Fellowship had always relied on to reach out to the churched and unchurched in their community of Redmond, WA . Indeed, in the scant dozen years since the church's founding by just seven families in 1989, their engaging services had managed to draw an ever-growing and enthusiastic following. So much so that by 2001, the church was ready for a new building.

TimberLake board members and the building committee eagerly set about envisioning the type of facility that could accommodate the dynamic services that had come to attract more than a thousand worshipers each week

How Hard Could It Be?

As construction began in earnest, the building committee believed they could save money by relying on the skills of various church members in creating the performance systems their new building would need.

“Our church has some professionals in the various technical areas of sound, lighting and video,” recalls board member and building committee chair Ken Hall. “We started construction with the intention to hire their businesses to supply and install our systems with one of the firms taking the role of overseeing project management.”

It didn’t take long for church leaders to realize that more than technical expertise is required to integrate the technical systems into a building project. The demands of design, construction documentation and coordination with the architect, builder and other subcontractors were more than any of them had anticipated. It was time to bring in an expert with both technical capability and a history of successful project completion.

Stepping Up to the Challenge

Because construction had already begun, TimberLake’s building committee members knew that whoever they chose to design and install their sound, video and lighting systems would have to do so under very demanding conditions in order to meet key project milestones and still stay within budget. As they interviewed potential firms, it became clear that CCI Solutions had the skill set and knowledge of worship environments to quickly step in and partner with their ministry.

“We decided to go with CCI Solutions because of their past experience and because of the people CCI had involved in the bid process,” says Chris Raaum, TimberLake board member. “From the very beginning they were very thorough and professional. They were quick to get back with answers and solutions.”

CCI Solutions hit the ground running. First up was developing a plan for the facility’s conduit, a task critical to keeping the overall project on schedule and avoiding costly construction delays. CCI then tackled the complex job of designing the various media systems, all of which needed to be accomplished in a very short time. CCI Solutions coordinated with the architect, sub-consultants and other contractors to create a complete plan set in record time.

Results ‘Better than We Planned’

Next, CCI Solutions applied intensive hands-on project management to bring the project in on time and on budget, a feat building committee member Rob Pearsall greatly appreciated. “CCI came in right away and folded seamlessly with the other contractors and subcontractors as professionals,” he says. “There was a huge amount of catch-up that was needed and CCI Solutions gave this critical stage of construction leadership and provided much needed integration of all technical systems.”

Ken Hall was equally impressed. “When we met with CCI, we realized that they were a single source for all our needs with a great deal more experience in a project of this magnitude,” he notes. The technical systems that CCI Solutions designed, installed and commissioned provide TimberLake with state-of-the-art sound and video and a versatile theatrical lighting array that accommodates both worship services and drama productions.

Taken together, these systems make TimberLake Christian Fellowship one of the flagship worship facilities in the Pacific Northwest .

“We got a lot of system for the cost of our project,” says Hall. “The results are better than we originally planned and CCI’s experience brought us new ideas to better the system and cost savings that we had not even considered before.”

Audio System Details

CCI Solutions’ designers and technicians knew that to best accommodate TimberLake’s diverse and lively music ministry, the mixing positions for congregational audio and stage audio would need to be separated. The solution? A microphone system in the recording studio that splits each input into three outputs. One output feeds the front-of-house console, a second, the on-stage monitor mix and the third, the digital recording studio.

Audio System Key Features:

  • Four-way expanded cluster main speaker system to provide crisp, clear concert level coverage to the main seating areas
  • .High-power sub-woofer speakers for maximum musical impact.
  • Digital Signal Processing system for maximum control of filters, compression, delay and other critical system setup parameters.
  • Amplifiers equipped with network ports for expansion and computer control.
  • Concert quality audio mix console with 48 input channels.
  • Eight channels of platform monitor sends to provide individual mixes to the various groups and people on the platform.
  • Hearing impaired and translation assisted listening system.


TimberLake understands the vital role that video plays in reaching out to today’s media-savvy congregations.

The church’s sophisticated video ministry incorporates productions edited in house as well as pre-packaged materials that are then incorporated into the overall message of the service.

Likewise, live video production is an important ingredient in TimberLake’s weekly ministry. But producing high quality video images in such a setting posed its own set of challenges. For example, the controlled conditions of a television studio do not exist in TimberLake’s large assembly space. Instead, large amounts of outdoor light pour through tall windows.

So CCI Solutions took great care to ensure that all video cameras, projectors, display screens and the stage lighting were designed to overcome these limitations. Today TimberLake’s congregation enjoys vivid, clear video images even in full daylight.

The placement and operation of the display screens presented an additional challenge. In working with the architect, CCI Solutions discovered that the usual electric drop screens would not suit the aesthetics of the room. As an alternative, the project team designed a system using Da-Lite Ascender Electrol screens, which elevate the viewing surfaces from soffits placed strategically on the wall itself.


TimberLake relies heavily on slice-of-life drama productions and various stage and musical performances to convey its message and engage its congregation. CCI Solutions developed a system versatile enough to support any lighting configuration the church required.

The system incorporates more than 120 theatrical lighting circuits over the house and platform. Lighting for a large scrim at the back of the stage allows for multiple color changes during or between services. The console for the house and theatrical lighting employs computer controls that make it easy to replicate complex lighting changes week after week.

With the dramatic effects made possible by CCI’s Solutions, TimberLake’s staff can create fresh and exciting worship services with none of the technical hassles that plague other systems.

Making the Right Choice

Over the course of TimberLake’s building project, church members had to make hundreds of decisions. According to those most closely involved, none was more rewarding than the choice they made in CCI Solutions.

Says Chris Raaum, “Once the project was done, our committee was in agreement that going with CCI is one of the best decisions we made on the entire project. Of all of the directions we could have gone, we are so glad we went with CCI.”

Ken Hall goes one step further. In his opinion the CCI team “has been the most efficient and well organized on the project. I could not have asked for better communication, preparation, installation and dedication to meeting the individual needs of our church.”

Ask anyone who attends worship services at TimberLake these days. The church indeed made the right choice, and got a whole lot more than they bargained for. For more information, contact CCI Solutions at (800) 224-7978 or e-mail

If I call some other place that isn't familiar with how churches operate, then I don't get solutions customized for my situation like I do at CCI!
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