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CAD 1700VP Choir Mic - Variable Pattern

Choir mic, variable-pattern with low-profile boom and controller

CAD 1700VP
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The perfect choir mic for church choirs - the sound tech can dial in the sound and never leave the mixer.

The CAD 1700VP choir mic is the first microphone to let you control the pickup pattern on the fly from your mixing console! No matter what size your choir is, no matter if you hang the choir mic from the ceiling, or use the included low-profile mic boom, you can now adjust the pick-up pattern of the 1700VP mic from the safety of your sound mixer.

The 1700VP REMOTE microphone system with Variable Pattern Control™ enables you to NARROW the microphone's pick-up pattern for your smaller choir during the Friday night service, or WIDEN the pick-up pattern to get full microphone coverage of your large choir for Sunday's service! It's as easy, precise and continuous as adjusting volume levels. The included in-line pattern controller lets you turn a single knob to dial in the perfect pattern. And changing the pattern does not affect the frequency response of the mic, so sound stays very consistent.
One of the greatest benifits of this vesatile choir microphone is that you can virtually dial out feedback by adjusting the pickup pattern while you are listening from your sound console.

Easy way to assure perfect sound
This is a major step forward for speech and vocal pick-up for houses of worship and is available in either hanging mic or low profile mic boom.

1700VP Benefits

  • Remote operation
  • Uses existing mic cable for easy installation upgrades
  • Minimizes feedback problems

The 1700VP is a continuously-variable pattern condenser overhead microphone system with remote polar control and carbon fiber miniature boom. The variable polar pattern with remote control allows the user to precisely adjust the shape of the pick-up pattern for best performance from a remote location. Utilizing a two-conductor shielded cable (max length 2,000 feet) between the microphone head and the pattern-control box, the user can adjust the polar pattern in real time without changing capsules, microphone positions, or inducing noise in the audio chain.

Special attention has been given to the frequency response and sensitivity of the microphone while utilizing the variable-pattern control to precisely alter the shape of the pick-up pattern. The large-diameter, low-noise elements produce a frequency response of 40Hz to 20KHz with a selectable, recessed 80Hz, 12dB/octave high-pass filter that removes unwanted low-frequency energy when engaged. The filter control is conveniently located on the control box. The microphone head is made of commercial grade aluminum, the control box is made of hardened steel, both are powder coated and made in the USA. The microphone head is painted matte black for an unobtrusive yet stylish appearance. The remote polar-pattern control box can be mounted in a single rack unit shelf with optional accessories.

Up to six control boxes can be mounted in one rack unit - Astatic RU1. The polar-pattern dial is positioned for easy adjustment on the fly and can be secured with a single Flat Style blank panel when rack mounted. The 1700VP has been designed to resist interference from devices such as cell phones, two-way communication devices and lighting apparatus. Utilizing our RF Resistant Architecture, the 1700VP meets the stringent RF standards set by the European Union (see the specification section for more information).

The 1600VP comes complete with 30' (9.1m) of two-conductor shielded cable terminated with a TA3F-type connector and 3-pin XLRM-type connector. Also included with the microphone system is a 3-pin XLRF-type connector on a stainless steel duplex wall plate, exclusive articulating steel hanger, and anti-twist thread and rods. The 1700VP is primarily designed for recording and sound reinforcement of choirs, instruments and ambient miking.

The 1700VP can also be used for vocal pick-up in government, institutional and business applications. The optional miniature-boom allows the microphone system to be used on a free-standing microphone post.

The 1700VP microphone system is designed to shorten the list of products an audio designer needs to consider when hanging microphones are specified. The remote variable polar pattern control allows the installer or end user the ability to change polar patterns when installed or from scene to scene. Adjustments to the pick-up pattern can be done on the fly without costly lifts, ladders and capsules. Choose the 1700VP for your next overhead microphone install.

Applications for the CAD 1700VP
The CAD 1700VP is perfect for church choirs and school choirs. Use 2 to 3 CAD 1700VP choir mics adjusted for best coverage of a choir of 15 to 30-person choir. We recommend using a 3-tiered-riser to position the choir members for easier coverage. More 1700VP microphones may be necessary without the use of a riser.
Specifications for the CAD 1700VP
Operating Principle : Condenser
Polar Pattern : Continuously-variable
Frequency Response : 40Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity : -29dBV (35mV) @ 1Pa
Impedance : 135 ohms
Self Noise : 22dBA
Maximum SPL : 110dB, 1%THD, 1KHz
Power Requirements : P12, P24, P48, 4mA
Overall Rating:  N/A Number of Reviews: 0
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