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CCI Solutions > Sound > In Ear Monitoring Systems > Earphones > Elite Core Wired Body Pack

Elite Core Wired Body Pack with Headphone Extension Cable

Wired body pack with HEX10 10' extension cable

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The Perfect Solution for In-Ear Phones!

Finally a safe and secure way to extend your headphone cable on-stage! This simple but brilliant solution is a compact metal box (EC-WPM) that clips to your belt. One end has an 1/8" (3.5mm) connector for your in-ear monitors or headphones and the other end has an XLRM connector to receive Elite Core's HEX10 10' extension cable.

With the Elite Core Wired Body Pack you can put on your in-ear headphones, fit them under your clothing, and plug them into you belt pack before the service. On stage you simply plug into the extension cable, and you're ready to go with plenty of room to move and no worry of yanking your phones out. Extension cable has a right-angle 1/4" TRS on one end and XLRF connector on the other end.

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