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Allen & Heath ME-U 

10-Port Power and Audio Distributor for Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Monitor Mixer

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Allen & Heath's ME-U is a 10-port monitor hub designed to offer expandability for the ME Series personal monitor mixing system and provides power and audio from its locking EtherCON ports to any connected ME-1 personal monitor mixers. It comes standard with an interface card that is compatible with Allen & Heath's dSNAKE, dLIVE, and iLIVE ACE protocols, as well as compatibility with Aviom's® A-Net® protocol. If you're running a system that uses MADI, Dante, Waves SG, or EtherSound, you can swap out the included card with optional cards that support each of those formats (sold separately) to receive a digital feed of up to 40 inputs from any of those sources.

If you need to send audio and power to more than ten ME-1s at once, you can daisy-chain two ME-U units together and connect up to 19 total ME-1s. Each output port provides a total of 40 audio sources to each ME-1 to give each performer on stage plenty of options to tailor their monitor mix exactly how they want.

ME-U also comes with a multi-purpose Network port that can be connected to a Mac/Windows computer for straightforward browser-based setup of unit name and IP address, and manual channel name entry. Or, if you connect the Network port to an iLIVE AH-Net network, ME-U will automatically pick up channel names from your iLIVE system for even easier setup!

Allen & Heath ME-U Features:

  • Ten ports with locking EtherCON connectors
  • Daisy-chain for more outputs, up to 19 ME-1s with two hubs
  • Each port provides power and 40 audio sources to connected ME-1s
  • Touring grade build quality
  • 2RU rack or desk mounting
  • Multi-purpose Network port:
    • Connect to Windows/Mac computer for "web page" setup of unit name, IP address, and manual entry of channel names
    • Connect iLIVE AH-Net network to pick up channel names automatically from an iLIVE system
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