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Allen & Heath WZ4 14:4:2 

Professional Mixing Console

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The MixWizard4 14:4:2 from Allen & Heath is a versatile professional live console with 100mm faders that is designed for mixing front-of-house, monitors or both at the same time. The console features ten mic/line inputs, two stereo inputs, six auxiliary outputs, four group busses with dedicated outs and two matrix outs.

Channels 1-10 feature mic/line inputs with balanced XLR and TRS jacks with 48V phantom power for plugging in microphones and instruments, each with 4-band EQ with sweepable mids. They each also feature a peak indicator, -20dB pad, six aux sends, group routing buttons, pan knob, channel mute and a high-pass filter that attenuates frequencies below 80Hz by 12dB per octave.

Channels 1-10 also feature inserts that can be used for inserting processing equipment into the signal chain such as compressors, outboard EQ and delay units. Furthermore, they each have direct outputs that can be sent to a hardware recorder or computer audio interface for tracking live performances. In addition, the MixWizard4 14:4:2 is equipped with two dual stereo input channels that each have two stereo TRS inputs with separate gain knobs. These channels allow for the two separate inputs to be selected independently or summed together. The stereo channels also each feature a 4-band EQ, peak indicator, six aux sends, group routing buttons, stereo balance knob and a channel mute.

  • 19" rack mountable
  • 10 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack, insert and direct output
  • 100mm faders
  • Reverse switches swap the function of the group and aux masters for use when mixing monitors or FOH and monitors at the same time
  • 6 aux sends - switchable pre/post fade
  • L and R main outputs - XLR outputs with inserts
  • 4 audio groups - dedicated XLR outputs with inserts
  • 2 dual stereo inputs with separate gain and 'ON' switches allowing inputs to be selected independently or mixed together
  • 4-band EQ with 2 swept mids
  • Oscillator and pink noise generator for line-up and speaker testing
  • 6x2 matrix for providing feeds for in-ear monitors, delay speakers, video, broadcast and more
  • Tri-color, 12-segment bar graph metering
  • +48V phantom power
  • Signal and peak LEDs
  • Talkback mic XLR with trim
  • Lamp socket
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