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Apollo MS-3398 Metal Pattern Gobo

Crown of Thorns metal pattern gobo

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Cost effective way to shine patterns of light using an ellipsoidal light fixture.

Add more impact to your lighting system with a metal pattern gobo. The Apollo MS-3398 metal pattern gobo is a 'single color' pattern gobo and a steel discs that has a stecil-type pattern cut into it. The image it will project is a crown of thorns. The MS-3398 metal pattern gobo can be placed in a pattern holder and inserted in most elipsoidal light fixtures. This allows you to shine the pattern onto any surface, with white light, or any color you choose by adding color gels to your light fixture. The pattern can be focused into maximum sharpness when used with an elipsoidal that allows for focusing, such as the ETC Source 4.

Apollo metal gobos are made from an 8 mil stainless steel with a high quantity of nickel and chromium that provide longer life and image quality. The result is durable patterns able to withstand high heat generated from both ellipsoidal and intelligent lights. The majority of alternative products on the market are made from a 5 mil stainless steel comprised of a large amount of carbon steel that begins to oxidize (rust) and breakdown in a shorter period of time. If a magnet sticks to the pattern, it is mainly carbon steel - which means it is not an Apollo.

You can view a list of standard patterns here. We can also provide custom patterns with your logo, or any pattern you wish. Give our lighting experts a call for details on custom patterns.
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