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Countryman COU-E6IO5TAT (E6IOW5T1AT) E6i Omnidirectinal Headset Microphone with flexible boom, tan

Countryman omnidirectional earset microphone for Audio-Technica wireless systems

What's in the box:

  • E6i Earset microphone
  • Detachable cable
  • Black and White Single Tie Cable Clips
  • Omnidirectional Protective Caps (+0, +4, and +8 included with Omnidirectional Earsets)
  • Directional Protective Caps (Hypercardioid and Cardioid included with Directional Earsets)
  • Windscreen
  • Carrying Case


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    Countryman's COU-E6IO5TAT E6i Earset Microphone (Tan) is an extremely flexible version of the E6 which offers an omnidirectional polar pattern to easily pick up sound, no matter where microphone is positioned. This low-profile earset delivers beautifully uncolored audio while rejecting surrounding noise and feedback. An ultra-miniature electret condenser element is held close to the mouth by a thin boom and comfortable earpad. Four colors allow the E6i to match skin tones for minimum visibility. The element is available as a water- and wind-resistant omnidirectional microphone, or as a pattern-changeable directional microphone for maximum isolation and gain before feedback. Boom adjusts for custom fit around performer's face and ear.

    The E6105TAT Earset is designed for use with Audio-Technica's: T27, T31, T51, T200, T201, T210, T300, T310, 1100 Series, 1400 Series, 200 Series, and 3000 Series wireless systems.


  • Weighs less than one-tenth ounce
  • Nearly invisible on performers
  • Flexible, durable stainless steel boom that adjusts easily to peformer's face
  • Moisture resistant when protective caps are used, (included)
  • Multiple skin tones available
  • Uses E6 replacement cables that eliminate need to purchase new mics when cables fail
  • Reduces feedback an average of 12 dB compared to omnidirectional lavaliers
  • Detachable 1 mm aramid-reinforced cable terminated with a connector designed for use with Audio-Technica's T27, T31, T51, T200, T201, T210, T300, T310, 1100 Series, 1400 Series, 200 Series, and 3000 Series wireless systems.

Specifications for the Countryman COU-E6IO5TAT

{ "Frequency Response" : "20 Hz - 20 kHz", "Operating Current" : "500 uA", "Operating Voltage" : "1 to 2 Volts", "Power Supply Voltage" : [ "+3 V with 2.7 kOhm load", "+5 V with 6.8 kOhm load", "+9 V with 15 kOhm load" ], "Weight" : "0.07 oz (2 g)", "Sensitivity" : "Omnidirectional W5 - 7.0 mV/Pascal", "Equivalent Acoustic Noise" : "24 dBA", "Overload Sound Level" : " 120 dB SPL", "Cable Length" : "5 ft" }

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