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Atlas Sound FAP62T Ceiling Speaker

6" 50-watt 2-way speaker system with 32-watt 70.7V/100V internal transformer

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Easily achieve high-quality sound with this complete ceiling speaker package.

Model FAP62T coaxial ceiling speaker package from Altas Sound will satisfy the needs of owners, architects, contractors, and consultants by delivering true, high fidelity sound reproduction in an attractive and easy-to-install system. These High performance systems are perfectly suited for many business music and public address applications. Compact profile enclosures and wide dispersion make the FAP62T a perfect choice for low ceilings.

The loudspeaker's components match the performance of the legendary Atlas Sound Strategy Series II FA Series. High quality construction of the 1" voice coil drivers include polypropylene cones with a butyl rubber surround. The19mm coaxially mounted tweeter is constructed of durable PEI. The high sensitivity of the loudspeaker means less power may be required to achieve the desired SPL. The loudspeakers are factory assembled to an optimally tuned & ported deep drawn enclosure and include a specially designed low saturation 70.7V/100V transformer. A convenient front mounted switch allows tap selection without the need to remove the speaker from the ceiling. Uniquely designed "easy access" input panel design allows for "thru" conduit runs using flexible or rigid conduit. A detachable Phoenix style, locking four-pole connector provides for easy daisy chain wiring to other full range loudspeakers or Atlas Sound FAPSUB subwoofers. Attractive press-fit grille blends seamlessly into contemporary architecture.

Mounting is simplified with Strategy Series II style "dog leg" tabs that allow easy installation into drop tile or drywall ceilings with provided tile bridge assembly. The tile bridge consists of (2) triangular formed mounting rails and a c-ring assembly. The c-ring can be attached to the rails with the screws provided to extend support to the t-bar grid in suspended ceiling applications. Multiple hole locations are provided to allow the c-ring to be positioned all the way to the outer edge the tile if necessary. For existing dry-wall applications the tile bridge c-ring and support rails can be inserted into the hole cut for the enclosure. For easy positioning the "V" shaped support rails match the shape of the Cring tabs for easy maneuvering and location when working "blindly" above the deck. For new construction drywall ceiling applications the optional model FAP62-TR trim ring is available. This unit provides a marked location for drywall installers to cut around essentially reserving the desired location in the ceiling until final installation of loudspeaker. Mounting holes are provided to accommodate 16" or 24" OC stud/joist mounting.

Putting high-quality sound in your halls, foyers, and classrooms couldn’t be easier than with the Strategy Series II Ceiling Speakers from Atlas Sound. Utilizing premium 70.7/100V tuned and ported coaxial ceiling speakers, you will get high fidelity sound with much less installation time and hassle than with conventional ceiling speakers. Everything you need for installation will ship right to you in one package: speakers mounted in galvanized steel backboxes, enhanced quality 70.7/100V transformers with front-mounted tap selector switch for easy system tuning adjustments, “press fit” grilles that blend better into contemporary architecture and unique V-rail/C-ring mounting hardware.

The FAP62T is a 70.7/100V tuned & ported 6” coaxial ceiling speaker system. Its galvanized steel enclosure is 475 cubic inches and it is rated at 50 watts with a 10.9” cut-out dimension.
  • 4 Pole detachable "phoenix" style connector allows easy pre-wiring and is convenient for daisy chaining additional Strategy full range speakers or subwoofers
  • Easy installation in drop tile or sheetrock ceilings via C-ring/V-rail tile bridge and "dog leg" mounting system (Included)
  • Enhanced quality 70.7V/100V internal transformers minimize insertion loss and maintain low frequency response while providing increased output for higher SPL applications
  • Extended low frequency response from the 285 cubic inch optimally tuned and ported deep drawn galvanized steel enclosure
  • Front mounted tap selector switch for easy system tuning adjustments includes transformer bypass setting for 8 ohm direct coupled operation
  • Press fit" grilles blend better into contemporary architecture
  • Unique "trap door" input section allows for through conduit runs with rigid or flex conduit
Specifications for the Atlas Sound FAP62T
Depth 8 1/2" (21.5392 cm)
Diameter 12 1/2" (31.75 cm)
Shipping Weight 15.50 lbs (7.03 kgs)
Frequency Response 63Hz-20kHz
Power Taps 2, 4, 8, 16, 32
Speaker Type Coaxial
Dispersion 110°
Sensitivity 88dB Average
UL Listed/Standard 1480
Overall Rating:  N/A Number of Reviews: 0
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