Aviom AVM-D400 (D400) A-Net Distributor pairable with analog or digital consoles

Useable with analog or digital consoles

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  • Aviom D400 A-Net Distributor
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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    Aviom's D400 A-Net Distributor is designed to distribute digital audio and power to up to eight of Aviom's personal In-ear monitor mixers via standard Cat5e cables. It connects to A-Net compatible analog input modules or digital mixing consoles and then distributes to any connected personal mixers. Stereo links are a powerful feature on the A320 and A360 personal mixers, allowing a pair of adjacent channels to be assigned to a single mix channel button. The D400 gives the user the option of assigning stereo links using a set of DIP switches on the front panel of the A-Net distributor instead of at the input device.


  • One standard Pro16 A-Net input and eight powered A-Net outputs to power up to eight Aviom personal mixers
  • One unpowered A-Net output to connect additional A-Net distributors for growing your system
  • Stereo Links allow a pair of adjacent channels to be assigned to a single mix channel button
  • A-Net Offset DIP switches select which bank of channels from the incoming A-Net stream will be assigned to the personal mixers connected to the distributor

Specifications for the Aviom AVM-D400

{ "D400 and D400-Dante Common Specifications" : { "A-Net Out to Personal Mixers" : "Compatible with A-16II, A320, and A360 Personal Mixers", "A-Net Out" : [ "Pro16e A-Net;", "RJ45 connector, unpowered ", "Supports system expansion and the A-16II, A320, and A360 Personal Mixers" ], "LEDs" : "Power On (red); Network Sync (green)", "Stereo Link" : "Two 8-position DIP switch blocks (1-16, 17-32)", "Output Voltage for Personal Mixers" : "Transmitted over the Cat-5e cable", "A-Net Cables" : "Unshielded Cat-5e cable may be used on all other network connections", "Power Supply" : "Internal, IEC connector", "Input Voltage" : "100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC (with selector switch); 50-60Hz @220 W max", "AC Fuse Types" : "230V range: T1.25AL/250V; slow-acting", "Dimensions" : "19" (482.6 mm) wide x 7.25" (182 mm) deep; 2U, 3.5" (88.9 mm) high", "Weight" : "12.0 lbs (5.44 kg)" }, "D400-Dante Specifications" : { "Dante Interface" : "(44.1/48kHz Sample Rate only)", "Dante Primary I/O" : "RJ45 connector", "Dante Secondary I/O" : "RJ45 connector", "Dante LEDs" : "1GB Network Connection Active (yellow)", "Static IP support" : "Yes", "AES67 Support" : "Yes" }, "D400 A-Net Distributor Specifications" : { "A-Net Input" : "RJ45 connector", "A-Net Offset Base Slot" : "3-position DIP switch selects the starting channel that Personal Mixers will receive from the network (1, 17, 33, or 49)" } }

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