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Behringer X32 Digital Mixing System

32-channel digital mixing system includes, mixer, (2) digital snakes, (8) personal mixers, distributor and 100' CAT5e cable

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Digital Mixing Price Breakthrough on a CCI Exclusive System!

Introducing the CCI Exclusive Behringer X32 Digital Mixing System - if you’ve been holding back from going digital because of the price tag, we’ve got great news! Behringer has just released several ground breaking products that together make up an extremely affordable digital mixing solution within reach of even the smaller churches.

Why Digital?
The benefits of going digital with your main and monitor mixing systems are huge - instantly recallable mixes, helpful presets, digital multi-track recording, built-in processing, network connectivity between stage and front of house and much more.

System Inspired by the X32 Digital Mixer...
We have assembled a competitively priced system based around the powerful new X32 32-channel digital mixing console. We add two of the new S16 digital snake stage boxes, each with 16 inputs and 8 outputs. That gives you 32 inputs on stage that connect back to the main mixer via two CAT-5 cables.

...Plus 8 Personal Monitor Mixers!
These items alone would revolutionize how you mix sound. But, we add eight P16-M personal monitor mixers that let your musicians control their own monitor mixes of up to 16 sources that they want to hear. With the help of the P16-D distributor, which we include, you can connect all 8 of the mixers to the S16 stage box with a single CAT-5 cable.

Easy Set Up, Easy to Use
Even though this system includes very powerful, game-changing features, Behringer has designed everything to be very easy to learn and use. The X32 mixer has a familiar control set that analog mixer users will easily pick up. Musicians just click a source and adjust levels to their liking.

This cutting-edge, affordable CCI Solutions Exclusive X32 Digital Mixing System Includes:

Video Transcription

"We're talking about Behringer's new X32 digital mixing console. This mixing console has been in development for over a year. Behringer bought Midas. So what you've got is the brain power of Midas along with the efficiency of production of Behringer. This mixer is designed to make it easy for somebody that has an analog console to get into the digital world. Let me show you what I mean.

First of all the X32 means we've got 32 input channels. There's 16 on 2 layers. So number 1, has layer 1 through 16. I go to layer 2 and I've got 17 through 32. Fairly typical for digital mixers. If I go to the 3rd layer, then I have my AUX-in and USB returns. I've got 8 AUX-ins and they're line-level inputs, so really although it says "X32," I've got a 40 channel mixer, plus USB ins. So you've got 32 mic-line inputs, and another 8 line ins for auxes, plus the USB.

So what makes this an easy mixer to use for somebody that's familiar with an analog mixer? Well let's move up to this section right now. First of all we'll go back to channel one, select that, and you can see that instead of going to a touch panel the channel strip is right up here and it's in an analog type of a format.

So first of all you've got your gain control and that controls how much level is coming into the channel, just like a trim or a gain on any other mixer. You also have a low-cut. So you can cut off the rumble from a microphone, a vocal microphone and you can select what frequency that's at. You simply press "Low-cut" here and adjust that and away you go. And you'll also see it over here on the display panel as well, but it's easy to see right here. The gate and the dynamics of the gate are right here. You can select whether you want a gate or a ducker, compressor or expander, very easy to get to, and then the equalizer, you've got a 4-band EQ. So you've got high, high-mid, low-mid and low and you simply select which band you want to work with. Your Q is here, the frequency at which the EQ is ugoing to impact or effect it is there and then the gain off that. So it's a fully parametric 4-band EQ. And you've gut bus sends up here as well. 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16.

So what's incredible, on essentially a 40-channel mixer, is that you've got 16 buses. But we use the buses not only for sends, for Aux sends to the monitors, but also our sends to the effects and you can use them for recording as well. So 16 buses, you simply have 1-4, now this is 1-4, you select 5-8, then this is channels 5-8 and away you go. Again very easy to always remember. Your channel strip is up here. The way I access that channel strip is by simply by selecting the channel that I want to impact, I want to adjust. So if I select that one, I'm up on channel 6. I adjust the levels here, and by the way, as you can see, moving faders, moving faders..and I also have a small LCD-type readout. For instance it says "Snare Drum," "High Hat" and "Mid-Tom." These are assignabe through a PC or on the LCD screen and it makes it real easy to understand what is hooked up to channel 7. And you also have a small icon. So then we move over here to the master side. Typical left/right master. And you have bus controls here. So these are your masters for the buses, which are going to be your Auxes. So, bus 1 through 8, bus 9 through 16, so all 16 bus-controls are here.

You also have EQ and full dynamics on all of these outputs as well.

Then we go...you have 6 mute groups. So you can select channels that are going to be on the mute group. Simply select which mute groups you want. That's like an analog console as well, very easy to understand. You might mute the vocals. You might mute the band with a mute group. You can also mute other input sources by simply pressing a button. Very easy to understand.

You also have an "Assign" area. So I can assign presets like a lighting console, by simply selecting 1 through 8 on the presets. The wonderful thing about this console is that it uses an AES digital busing system. So it can plug directly into their 16-channel on stage monitor system as well, and you can have remote inputs. So let me take a look. I'll pull this, this is an input box, a stage input box. So you have 16 channels coming in on the stage input box. You have 8 outputs. Those have phantom power on them. And by connecting it simply to ethernet one ethernet cable, right here, and you can daisy-chain them, you can take the input box, the stage box, and connect it to the console with 1 ethernet cable.

You also have output for their personal monitor system. And the personal monitor system is pretty incredible in that it has 16 channels it can access off of this console. So let me grab that...and show you that. So the P16-M, you select any of these 16 channels. You've got a little bit of tone control. You've got level control for those. But again, you're running it on the ethernet cable. And you're assigning which of the 40 channels on this console go to this particular 16-channel personal monitor mixer through the selection page on the LCD readout over here. So I can assign any of thse channels to that personal monitor and then the person on stage simply uses that like an Aviom system or like a Roland system or any of the other systems that you're familiar with. Check these out. Give us a call at CCI Solutions for the X32 Behringer Digital Mixing System."
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