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CAD CAD-1700VP Choir Boom 56" choir mic, variable-pattern with low-profile boom and controller

BBE Sound 56" choir mic

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What's in the box:

  • (1) 1700VP Variable Polar Pattern, 56” Miniature Choir Boom Microphone - Black
  • 1700VP: MB-1, 40-347, 40-354, Articulating Steel Hanger
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The perfect choir mic for church choirs - the sound tech can dial in the sound and never leave the mixer.

    The CAD Audio 1700VP is a continuously variable pattern condenser microphone system with remote polar control (patent pending) featuring a feather light 56” boom and exclusive Clutch Rotation System. Remote control allows user to precisely adjust the shape of the pick-up pattern for best performance from a remote location. Utilizing a two-conductor shielded cable (maximum length 2,000 feet) between the microphone head and the pattern-control box (VPC-1), the user can adjust the polar pattern in real time without changing capsules, microphone positions, or inducing noise in the audio chain. This boom can be mounted on any standard microphone tripod or base stand.


  • Polar Pattern: Continuously-variable polar pattern
  • 40Hz - 20KHz frequency response
  • 29dBV (35mV) @ 1Pa sensitivity
  • 135 ohms impedance
  • 22dBA self-noise
  • 3-pin XLRM-type connector
  • Positive pressure on diaphragm corresponds to positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 at XLRM-type connector
  • Matte-black finish
  • RoHS Compliant
Applications for the CAD CAD-1700VP
The CAD 1700VP is perfect for church choirs and school choirs. Use 2 to 3 CAD 1700VP choir mics adjusted for best coverage of a choir of 15 to 30-person choir. We recommend using a 3-tiered-riser to position the choir members for easier coverage. More 1700VP microphones may be necessary without the use of a riser.

Specifications for the CAD CAD-1700VP

{ "Operating Principle" : "Condenser", "Polar Pattern" : "Continuously-variable", "Frequency Response " : "40Hz - 20KHz", "Sensitivity " : "-29dBV (35mV) @ 1Pa", "Impedance " : "135 ohms", "Self Noise" : "22dBA", "Maximum SPL " : "110dB, 1%THD, 1KHz", "Power Requirements" : "P12, P24, P48, 4mA" }

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