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Master Fog Code 6 Fog Fluid

Ridiculously Long Lasting Fog Juice Fluid - 1 Gallon

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Create an awesome fog for your next event!

Code 6 by Master Fog is by far the longest lasting water-based fog fluid on the market. We can't help but say, this stuff is just ridiculous! Master Fog's Code 6 has a hang time of up to two hours, resulting in less fluid consumption and less wear and tear on your fogger. With Code 6, you will use a third of what other products have to offer while still keeping the same atmospheric effect at your event! Code 6 fog fluid is being used in many theme parks, haunted attractions, laser tag arenas, and other performance venues; and it's also being used for training purposes in military, police, and fire academies.

Note: Code 6 is recommended for use in larger sized facilities or outdoor spaces. For smaller to medium sized applications, try Master Fog's "Classic" Fog Fluid.


  • Extremely Long Hang-Time
  • Contains No Glycerin
  • Remains Clean, Dry, and Odorless
  • Leaves Little to No Residue or Contamination
  • Designed For Use With Any Water Based Fog Machine
  • Approved by the FDA

Specifications for the Master Fog Code 6 Fog Fluid

{ "Appearance" : "Clear, Red", "Color" : "Clear", "Form" : "Liquid", "Odor" : "No Odor", "Odor Threshold" : "N/A", "Physical State" : "Liquid", "pH" : "Neutral", "Melting Point" : "N/A", "Freezing Point" : "N/A", "Boiling Point" : "N/A", "Flash Point" : "> 121° C (249.80° F) Tag Closed Cup", "Evaporation rate" : "N/A", "Flammability limits in air, lower, % by volume" : "N/A", "Flammability limits in air, upper, % by volume" : "N/A", "Vapor Pressure" : "N/A", "Vapor Density" : ">1 (air=1)", "Specific Gravity" : "~ 1.083 (H20=1)", "Octanol/Waer Coefficient" : "N/A", "Solubility H20" : "Complete", "Auto-Ignition Temperature" : "N/A", "Viscosity" : "N/A", "% Volatile" : "N/A" }

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