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Master Fog MF Oil Haze Fluid

Premium Oil-Based Haze Fluid - 1 Gallon

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Start your event off with a little haze in the air!

When it comes to compression based hazers, the fluid you choose is critical. Thats why MF-Oil uses only the finest highly refined filtered mineral oil. MF-Oil is compatible in practically any oil-based hazer and will give your lighting the ultimate atmosphere!


  • For use with oil based compression hazers
  • Highly Refined Filtered Mineral Oil
  • Compatible with practically any oil-based hazer
  • 100% American Made

Specifications for the Master Fog MF Oil Haze Fluid

{ "Appearance" : "Clear, Slightly Viscous, Oily", "Color" : "Clear", "Form" : " Liquid", "Odor" : " No Odor", "Odor Threshold" : "N/A", "Physical State" : "Liquid", "pH" : " N/A", "Melting Point" : "N/A", "Freezing Point" : " N/A", "Boiling Poin (deg C) " : "100°C", "Flash Point (deg C, COC) " : "138° C (280.40°F)", "Evaporation rate " : "N/A", "Flammability limits in air, lower, % by volume" : "N/A", "Flammability limits in air, upper, % by volume" : "N/A", "Vapor Pressure" : "<1 mm Hg @ 20° C ( 68° F)", "Vapor Density " : "N/A", "Specific Gravity" : "0.818 -0.880 @ 25°C ( 77°F)", "Octanol/Waer Coefficient" : "N/A", "Solubility" : "Negligible in water (below 0.1%) ; soluble in hydrocarbons.", "Auto-Ignition Temperature" : "N/A", "Viscosity" : "N/A", "% Volatile" : "N/A", "Explosion Data - Sensitivity to Mechanical Impact or Static Discharge" : "", "Not expected to present an explosion hazard due to mechanical impact or static discharge." : "" }

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