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Roland S-4000D Splitter/Power Distributor

Splitter/power distributor with 10 REAC ports (8 with embedded power)

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Transfer Audio Digital Signal AND Power Via One CAT5e Cable!

The Roland S-4000D Splitter/Power Distributor features REAC Embedded Power —unique Roland technology that enables the transfer of not only the digital audio signal but also the power required by the connected device - all via one CAT5e cable.The Roland S-4000D Splitter and Power Distributor is equipped with 10 REAC ports including 8 ports of REAC Embedded Power. The Roland S-4000D can automatically detect and distinguish a product not supporting REAC Embedded Power. In this case, power is not provided allowing the S-4000D to also function as a standard splitter when required.

Roland S-4000D Features:
  • 10 REAC ports
  • 8 ports of REAC Embedded Power
  • Also functions like a standard splitter when a product does not support/feature REAC embedded power

Specifications for the Roland S-4000D

{ "Connectors" : { "REAC Connector" : "RJ-45 EtherCon Type x2 REAC EMBEDDED POWER Connector: RJ-45 EtherCon Type x8" }, "Indicators" : { "REAC Power" : "Red x8, Link: Green x10, ACT: Orange x10, Power: Blue x1", "Power Supply" : "AC 115V, AC 117V, AC 220V, AC 240V (50/60Hz)" }, "Size and Weight" : { "Width" : [ "482 mm", "19 inches" ], "Depth" : [ "285 mm", "11-1/4 inches" ], "Height" : [ "88 mm", "3-1/2 inches" ], "Weight" : [ "4.2 kg", "9 lbs. 5 oz." ], "*The specifications are subject to change without notice." : "" } }

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