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CCI Solutions > Sound > Wireless Microphones > Wireless Microphone Accessories > Shure UA221 Antenna Splitter Kit

Shure UA221 Antenna Splitter Kit 

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The Shure UA221 antenna splitter/combiner kit lets you split an incoming signal into two outgoing signals or combine two incoming signals into one signal. Each kit includes two UA221 splitter/combiners, four coaxial cables, and attaching hardware. It includes two adapters that can be used as one-input, two-output or two-input, one-output passive antenna splitter/combiners for UC4, SLX4, ULXS4, ULXP4, U4S and U4D receivers. The UA221 splitter/combiners are designed for use with Shure Model UA400 1/4 wave UHF antennas, UA820A 1/2 wave antennas, and UA802/UA825/850 50 ohm low-loss antenna cables.

Shure UA221 Kit Features:

  • Components: 2 UA221 splitter/combiners, 4 coaxial cables, attaching hardware, & 2 adapters
  • Adapters act as 1-in, 2-out or 2-in, 1-out passive antenna splitter/combiners
  • Use adapters for UC4, SLX4, ULXS4, ULXP4, U4S & U4D receivers
  • Use splitter/combiners for Shure UA400 antennas, UA820A antennas, & UA802/UA825/850 cables
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