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Softouch EasyWorship Worship Presentation Software

Worship presentation software display songs, scriptures and videos

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The number 1 worship software in the country! Get it today, you won't be sorry!

EasyWorship is presentation software designed specifically for churches to project worship songs, Bible text, videos, nursery alerts, sermon notes, live camera, DVD and PowerPoint presentations on an overhead or video projection system using a single computer with dual monitor outputs. Easyworship is just that - a worship projection software that is easy to use and easy to learn.

With dual monitor output, the ability to lay text over video, camera, DVD, VHS or any media, Easyworship makes your task to produce professional presentations an easy one! And, technical support is FREE. With the site license you can load one copy to all the computers in your one geographical church site!

EasyWorship comes with the King James Version (KJV), American Standard Version (ASV), and Spanish version (RVA) of the Bible already installed in the Scripture database. The following versions are also available for purchase: New King James (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), Amplified Version (AMP), New American Standard 95 Update (NASB), New Living Translation (NLT), and Spanish (RVR).

With your purchase of EasyWorship you will receive 100 public domain songs. To install the songs, choose “Yes” when given the option of installing demo songs during the EasyWorship installation process; this will also load the provided backgrounds. To obtain copyrighted songs, you can use the SongSelect Lyric Service (subscription required).

Take Easyworship for a test drive! Call us at 1-800-562-6006 for a free trial full version, or download from the "Conversion/Selector Charts and Downloads" section of our website.

Basic EasyWorship System Requirements:
• Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
• 200 MHz Pentium II Processor
• 64 MB RAM
• 50 MB free disk space
• CD-ROM Drive
• Two video cards or a dual head video card

Additional requirements for overlaying text over video:
• Windows XP
• 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 Processor
• 128 MB RAM
• 7200 RPM hard drive with 100 MB free disk space
• Dual output AGP or PCI Express video graphics card with 128 MB of dedicated non shared video RAM

These 64 MB cards may also give good results for text over video:
• nVidia 64 MB RAM Dual Output cards
• ATI Radion 9700 64 MB dual output card
• Intel 82855 64 MB dual output card (if you have a fast processor)

• Display and manage all of your media
• Integrated Powerpoint 97-2004 support
• 100+ real time video transitions and cross fades
• Dual monitor display for distraction-free worship and events
• Overlay anti-aliased text on moving video at 30 fps
• Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP supported
• Site license is standard (purchase one copy for multiple computers)
• Integrated interface with Song Select Lyric Service (download songs instantly into the EasyWorship song database)
• Manage your songs, scriptures, videos and backgrounds in an easy to use database
• Optimal display quality with shadows and outlined text at the same time
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