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Soundcraft Si Expression 2 Digital Mixer Console

24-channel digital mixer with 24 mic pres, 66 input channels, and lexicon effects

Soundcraft Si Expression 2
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Take Your Mix to the Next Level with Soundcraft's Si Expression!

Ideal for medium-sized venues that need more inputs, the Soundcraft Si Expression 2 really delivers! With unique features and powerful mixing capabilities, the Si Expression 2 is one of the most powerful and cost effective digital consoles ever! Unlike other low-cost digital mixers the Si Expression is truly a live sound board. The Si Expression was designed to be an easy-to-use tool for the most demanding live-sound applications. Oh yeah, and it has flying faders!

Moving around quickly is a breeze on the Si Expression. With FaderGlow you eliminate the guesswork and know what you are doing, all the time! FaderGlow illuminates the faders according to function with clearly defined colors for FX, Stereo, Linked Mono, Graphic EQ, POST Fade Aux and PRE Fade Aux. You'll never be lost again!

There's a ton of inputs and outputs all organized in an extremely easy to understand format, with each control dedicated to a single function. No more annoying pages or layers to sift through. It has 24 recallable mic preamps with 4 line inputs, 4 internal stereo FX returns and an AES input. When you need to expand your setup, there's an expansion slot and optional cards including AES, Firewire/USB/ADAT, AVIOM, CobraNet, BSS Digital Audio Bus (BLU Link), Dante CAT5 or optical MADI. When used in conjunction with the optional cards the Si Expression offers more than enough I/O to use every one of the 66 input processing channels.

There's plenty of processing power under the hood. Dial the perfect mix with on-board hardware-based Lexicon processors. Since all the effects are hardware based, you can use all the effects, even on the most demanding programs and they won't affect other processing in any way. All dynamics, EQs, filters and delays remain available regardless of what you are doing.

Soundcraft Si Expression 2 Digital Mixer Features:
  • Flying faders!
  • Soundcraft FaderGlow® - Illuminates the fader slots according to function with clearly defined colors for FX, Stereo, Linked Mono, GEQ, POST Fade Aux, PRE Fade Aux; you'll never be lost again!
  • Assignable Fader Layers - Customize each of the four fader layer pages to meet your needs or add/insert faders to accommodate that additional mic that was not in the patch list!
  • Copy & Paste - Copy whole channels, busses, mixes, Lexicon effects, a single part such as the EQ or multiple parts like the channel gate and compressor.
  • 1 Control = 1 Function - With each control dedicated to a given function there is never any 'layering' of controls or navigating through screens; this allows the Si Expression controls to be labeled on the surface just as they would have been on an analogue mixer.
  • Global Mode Controls - A row of rotary controls above each fader assignable at the touch of a button to be GAIN, PAN or HPF for all of the inputs allowing instant access to the core functions.
  • Security Lockout - Lock the whole console or just selected elements, manage the security with the users and profile settings.
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Soundcraft Logo Si Expression 2 Digital Mixer Console
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