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CCI Solutions > Cables & Connectors > Video Cables > Kramer C-DGK6/DGK6-50

Kramer C-DGK6/DGK6-50 

50 ft Four-Pair Shielded Twisted Pair (U/FTP) Data Cable with RJ45 Connectors

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Kramer's C-DGK6/DGK6-50 is a 50 foot long shielded twisted pair (U/FTP) data cable assembly made from Kramer's BC-DGKat623 bulk cable. It features quality construction using four shielded twisted pairs of 23-gauge solid copper conductors that are cabled together in an unshielded outer jacket. This cable is the ideal companion to Kramer's twisted pair digital transmitter-receiver sets and provides optimum range and performance at a great price!

Kramer C-DGK6/DGK6-50 Features:

  • Quality Construction: Four shielded twisted pairs (U/FTP) of 23 AWG solid copper conductors are cabled together in an unshielded outer jacket
  • Optimized for Kramer Hardware: Use with any of Kramer's wide range of twisted pair digital transmitter-receiver sets
  • Shielded RJ-45 connectors
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