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Whirlwind SPLIT 6 (SPLIT 6)

Line Level Parallel Splitter

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Features 1 female XLR input wired to 6 male XLR outputs. Perfect when adding extra amplifiers to a system, connecting multiple powered speakers, splitting intercom lines, etc.

Line level outputs can usually be split 6 times without noticeable loss of signal quality. The actual number of splits that can be accomplished depends on the level of the source signal and the impedances of the source and destinations in a particular application. It is not recommended that the SPLIT 6 be used to split a microphone level signal to more than two outputs. Attempting to do so may result in poor frequency response and reduced signal level. The SPLIT 6 may be used to split microphone level signals in most applications if this limit is observed. For more information, please refer to tech article "High and Low Impedance" .